10 Women Who Should Grace the New $10 Bill

In 2020, Alexander Hamilton will have to scoot over a bit on that $10 bill to make way for a powerful and inspiring woman’s portrait. While we’re still not sure who the woman might be—Harriet Tubman and Eleanor Roosevelt are frequent bets—we can’t wait for the historic change.

Hamilton has been on the $10 bill since 1929, and according to the Treasury Secretary, the faces on American currency have only changed a few times since first put into circulation. Not since Martha Washington was on a silver dollar certificate in the 1890s has a woman appeared on the nation’s paper currency—that’s over a century too long.

While we’d prefer to see a woman independently grace the face of, say, the $20 bill, we are excited to see the nation take this hugely overdue step forward.

The Treasury Secretary is asking the public to submit their suggestions for who should be chosen for the bill, and those ideas can be submitted via the U.S. Department of Treasury website. But today we asked to hear which powerful woman you think should grace the $10 bill. Check out some of your fantastic responses below!


Julia Robins is a Ms. editorial intern and a graduate of William & Mary. Follow Julia on Twitter @julia_robins.