10 Quotes That Will Make You Love Gloria Steinem Even More Than You Already Do

Ms. cofounding editor Gloria Steinem graced the stage at Los Angeles’ Ace Hotel Thursday night for a conversation with actor Melissa McCarthy.

Part of a tour for her new memoir, My Life on the Road, Steinem’s stop in L.A. included a tap dance routine (!!) and many, many pearls of wisdom. Below, check out 10 of our favorite quotes from the evening.

“If anyone’s telling you you’re wrong or you’re stupid, just say ‘fuck you.'”


“Every patriarchal structure that takes away [a woman’s right to choose] is causing global warming.”


“I hope that you get mad at the way we’re taught history, as if it started when Columbus arrived. He was such an asshole.”


“There’s a whole group of crimes that have been committed by 95 percent white men. … I think of them as supremacy crimes.”


“People should be able to wear anything they want as far as I’m concerned.”


And of course—the tap dance routine! Complete with vocal accompaniment by Melissa McCarthy!


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Stephanie hails from Toronto, Canada. She is a Ms. writer, a master of journalism candidate and a hip hop dancer/instructor/choreographer. She got her start in feminist journalism at the age of 16 when she was a member of the first editorial collective at Shameless magazine—and she has never looked back.