Toasts All-Around: This Week’s Feminist Social Media Moments of Celebration and Activism

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A postgame interview with a Black voter. Call 888-453-3211 to tell Congress to protect voting rights. #HotCallSummer #foryou #fyp

♬ Crowd Cheer (Loopable with No Fade) – Baby Sweet Dream

Ryan Ken touches on the struggles of being a Black voter in this TikTok, comparing the experience to competitive sports and citing intense restrictions and challenges. They include a call to action in the caption—“Call 888-453-3211 to tell Congress to protect voting rights.”

Sha’Carri Richardson, who recently qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, has been celebrated on Twitter for her athletic accomplishments as well as her attitude in interviews. Michelle Obama posted Richardson’s interview on Twitter, congratulating her on her “grace and grit.” In another clip, Richardson describes herself as “that girl” and celebrates her talent and support system.


#firsttiktok #babytiktok #babylaughter #babylaugh #babyfirstlaugh #firsttimemom #wholesometiktok

♬ original sound – Sarah Holden

New mom Sarah Holden captured her daughter’s first laugh in a viral TikTok that reminds us all to find something to giggle about! 

Expressing themselves with their art, Matt Bernstein speaks out against the homophobic and unreasonable bans against gay and bisexual men donating blood. 

In a recent viral Twitter thread, a son remembers his Carmelite nun mother’s incredible life, including becoming an open-water diver, having ten kids resulting in a total of 400 weeks of pregnancy throughout her life, and a going away party of 800 when she set off to the convent at age 61. Ann Russell Miller, we revel in the joy of your beautiful life! 


Link in bio to apply! link to learn more about #TikkunOlam in comments! #JeremiahFellowship #Sponsored #Jew #SocialJustice #Jewtok #ForJewPage #Jewish

She)” href=”″>♬ original sound – Rachel Sj (They > She)

Queer Jewish content creator Rachel SJ spreads the word about Tikkun Olam and Bend the Arc’s Jeremiah Fellowship, in their usual musical, campy and truly delightful way.

Disability campaigner Katie Pennick celebrated the addition of a temporary accessibility ramp in London after work from disability activists. Westminster Council has installed 22 temporary ramps with plans for more long-term and permanent solutions.

Carl Nassib became the first active NFL player to come out with this Instagram post, where he shares that he is gay and will be donating to The Trevor Project for suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. 

Kayla Smalls shares her grandmother’s love story, starting over three decades ago in the back of an ambulance between an EMT and a nurse. This June, the two women tied the knot in a stunning example of life-long love. 

The Lesbian Herstory Archives celebrates the life of lesbian activist Mabel Hampton. Morris Garden has been renamed the Mabel Hampton Garden as part of a campaign to honor the lives of Black New Yorkers. 


#stitch with @stanleyws Why do women love #truecrime ? #thesearetheirstories #svu #lawandorder #ssdgm #ssdgmtok #truecrimetok #truecrimeallthetime

♬ original sound – ajhawkinsart

TikTok creator ajhawkinsx offers her theories about why some women find comfort in the true crime genre, while men are largely adverse to its gore and morbid nature. 

Model Ashley Graham posted an Instagram celebrating all bodies and encouraging everyone to love their bodies and wear what they feel comfortable in as summer comes around.


Reply to @beanobeano02 what qualifies as a disability? Let’s talk about it. #Disabled #MentalHealth #RobbinWilliams #DisabilityJustice #Liberation

♬ Summer day – TimTaj

Smith College alum and disability activist Sara Kragness talks about what it means to be disabled and contextualizes Robin Williams’ passing in the disability conversation. (Sara can be found here.)

The Giving Flowers Project celebrates activists and advocates, and they are currently #GivingBlackWomenTheirFlowers. In this post, they celebrate Christen Whitaker and Nikki Brown, founders of the DC Fridge Collective.


The T is Boston’s public transit system — and Michelle Wu is leading the fight to make it free. Here’s why! #mapoli #boston #wutrain #bospoli

♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

A young organizer for Boston Mayoral hopeful Michelle Wu outlines Wu’s policy proposal to make the T free in an effort to close the racial wealth gap. This is one of many examples of young women utilizing social media to enact political change, in ever more creative and interesting ways! 

SoulPhoodie shares a tweet praising Natasha Wainwright for her business expansion. She is the founder and CEO of Natasha’s Just Brittle and is expanding to create Baltimore’s first and only Black-owned commercial kitchen which she has lovingly dubbed B’More with Pride Commercial Kitchen and Cafe. 

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