Feminist Faves: Girls to the Front 

Welcome back to Feminist Faves, a monthly roundup of our favorite feminist-forward content on social media.

From the long-awaited Barbenheimer weekend, to the kick-off of the Women’s World Cup, here’s what we’ve been loving on social media lately! 

Girl Dinner 

This has to be my favorite TikTok trend so far this year! Women posting their craziest dinner combinations to ensure they stay fed—however they damn please—is the best, most authentic representation I’ve felt in a while. Sometimes, you have to work with what you’ve got! canv

Check out one here and be sure to click the sound for some hilarious reinterpretations. 



♬ original sound – karma carr

The U.S. Women’s National Team in New Zealand 

Jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the Women’s World Cup kicked off this week. We’re (obviously) rooting for Team USA—here’s to women’s sports and the record-breaking attendance we’ve seen so far this year! 

This Barbie Is…

The release of Barbie has made way for tons of discussion around what the doll means for people, especially young women, around the world. We loved seeing Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who also means so much to women around the world, and her husband in the iconic Barbie boxes at the movies. She’s everything, he’s just Ken!

Dear Film Bros, 

Have you ever been accused of not getting a Tarantino or Nolan movie because you’re a woman? I love this changed narrative calling out the universal experience of film-bro degradation directed towards men who are criticizing Barbie in bad faith. 


In my film bro era and I will be insufferable #BarbieMovie

♬ original sound – Karly TyGr

OOTD’s Have Never Been Cuter 

I absolutely loved this father-daughter duo’s outfit-of-the-day video! It’s always so heartwarming to fathers empower their daughters and boost their confidence at a young age. The commenters are tearing up with me! 


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Aastha Jani is an editorial fellow at Ms. and a graduate student at the University of Southern California studying digital media and gender and sexuality studies. She is passionate about media representation, sexual health, and inclusivity. Follow their work here.