Fall 2023 Issue Sneak Peek: Learning From Our Past, Fighting for Our Future

The Fall 2023 issue of Ms. features Amber McFadden, photographed by Michele Rosero Schofield.

Fifty years in the making, the new Ms. book finally makes its debut on Sept. 19. We couldn’t be more excited to share it with our readers—and with the entire world. 

It is a stunning collection: 500-plus pages of the most audacious, most norm-breaking coverage Ms. has published on women, men, politics (sexual and otherwise), marriage, family, education, work, motherhood, reproductive rights, LGBTQ lives, racial justice and so much more. It proudly features some of the most revolutionary writers and thinkers of the past half century.

But 50 YEARS OF Ms. isn’t just a reflection on the past—it’s also a road map for the path forward. And the book’s release presents a remarkable opportunity for Ms. to travel the country and host vibrant, intergenerational conversations with an array of partners and contributors, focused on tackling today’s most urgent challenges. Come join us: Inside the Fall issue, you’ll find a list of upcoming events on our national tour.

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Here’s a glimpse at what else you’ll find within the pages of the upcoming issue:

  • The antis’ plan to ban abortion nationwide: Extremists are exploiting a Victorian-era anti-vice law, known as the Comstock Law, with the goal of making it impossible for abortions to be performed in even the bluest of states.
  • Meet the 25-year-old leading North Carolina’s Democrats. Ms. talks to Clayton Anderson, the youngest Democratic (or Republican) party chair in the nation, about her plans for attracting voters and winning elections in the battleground state.
  • Is the Barbie movie an outlier? Or nearly 50 years after Ms. warned of women’s ‘endangered’ status in Hollywood, have we finally entered an era of female-driven film?
  • The Supreme Court’s blindness to gender violence: Law scholar and VAWA coauthor Victoria F. Nourse previews a key case coming before the Court this fall that will impact the safety of women and girls.

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U.S. democracy is at a dangerous inflection point—from the demise of abortion rights, to a lack of pay equity and parental leave, to skyrocketing maternal mortality, and attacks on trans health. Left unchecked, these crises will lead to wider gaps in political participation and representation. For 50 years, Ms. has been forging feminist journalism—reporting, rebelling and truth-telling from the front-lines, championing the Equal Rights Amendment, and centering the stories of those most impacted. With all that’s at stake for equality, we are redoubling our commitment for the next 50 years. In turn, we need your help, Support Ms. today with a donation—any amount that is meaningful to you. For as little as $5 each month, you’ll receive the print magazine along with our e-newsletters, action alerts, and invitations to Ms. Studios events and podcasts. We are grateful for your loyalty and ferocity.


Camille Hahn is the managing editor at Ms. In her 15-plus years with the magazine, she has served as research editor, associate editor, features editor, copyeditor and proofreader. Previously, she worked as an associate editor at Bon Appétit. She lives in Davis, Calif.