“Reports of the ERA’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated” (Part 2)

“It was one hell of a fight. We marched, we picketed, we demonstrated. We had sit-ins. People were arrested. Some women went on hunger strikes. Every nonviolent protest that could be done was done.”

This is the second in a multi-part series examining the half-century fight to add women to the U.S. Constitution—and a game plan on where we go from here.

PART 2: A Long History of Obstruction, Delay and Trickery

Equal Pay Day Is in March—But Equal Earnings Day Is Not Until October

Once you factor in other forms of earnings (such as health insurance, retirement account contributions, bonuses, and self-employment income), men actually earn 75 percent more than women—meaning that women on average earn only 57 cents on a man’s dollar. If Equal Pay Day was based on a more comprehensive measure of the earnings gap, the day would fall much later in the year—more like October.