Doctors are Speaking Out on Trump’s Attacks on Birth Control Coverage

Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit heard oral arguments in a case challenging the Trump administration’s broad exemption for employers from the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandates. Trump’s rules allow any employer to gain an exemption to federally required coverage of birth control in employee health insurance plans by claiming that contraception violates their […]

The Ms. Q&A: Katie Watson Wants to Talk About Ordinary Abortion

“None of us are talking about the 74 percent of women who say that having a baby right now will be very disruptive to their family, their work, their education. The 73 percent who say they can’t afford a baby right now. The 48 percent who say they don’t want to be a single parent or to have a baby with this partner. The cases we discuss the most are the ones that happen the least.”