Madame Speaker, It’s Not Just Confederate Statues That Should Go. Start with Justice Taney.

This week, Nancy Pelosi called on Congressional leadership to shed its halls of statues bearing likenesses to and honoring Confederates. Yet, for me, as a constitutional law scholar, the most troubling of the busts and statues at the Capitol is that of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney—who wrote that Blacks were “of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race.”

Injecting Bleach Is Not An Elixir For What Ails The United States

The briefing was stunning—not only for what the president conjectured to senior medical officials and media in attendance, but also for what it reveals about another crisis in the United States, namely a crisis in education in America. As comedians spoofed and memes mocked the president, the real tragedy resided not simply in his bizarre conjectures, but in a devaluing of education and science.