I’m Mad as Hell at Conventional Manhood

There are too many damn tragic anniversaries of men killing women. Pick any month and you’ll find them. Take today, December 6–it’s the 23rd anniversary of the Montréal Massacre. Marc Lépine  stormed into the city’s École Polytechnique and murdered 14 women, wounding 10 others. The mass-murderer, who then killed himself, was  25–the same age as […]

Where Are Men’s Voices in the Fight for Women’s Health?

Now that the public outcry has died down over the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s ill-advised and short-lived decision to defund Planned Parenthood, there’s time to consider men’s role in this and other recent women’s health controversies. In the heated debates that have boiled up recently over birth control and abortion, the loudest male […]

Male Allies, Speak Out for Women’s Rights!

In the struggle to ensure safety for the women in our lives, it’s time for men who acknowledge how much we have learned—and gained—from the women’s movement to step forward and speak out. In the midst of two or three wars (it’s hard to keep count), a federal budget proposal designed to reward the rich […]