Daring to Remember: Tell Us Your Abortion Story

We must remind the country what a nation without any safe, legal abortion access looks like. We must remind our lawmakers what women’s lives without abortion access look like—and the devastating ways in which an end to abortion access is an end to our freedom. We are fighting for Roe with our own stories. We are daring to remember.

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Daring to Remember: My Mother’s Horror Story

I had to trust this man because I knew no one else, and I was in my second month of pregnancy. We met at the hospital. I produced the money and was told to go home and wait for their call. The man was solicitous, but insultingly insinuating. I have never felt so powerless in my life.

Daring to Remember: An Abortion Before Obamacare

I was 11 weeks pregnant and still hadn’t been seen by a proper physician. It took me three paychecks to save up the $250 it would cost me to see an OB/GYN. I would never make it to that appointment. The night before, I was rushed to the hospital with severe abdominal pain and internal bleeding.