“Sands of Silence”: Documentary on Healing from Sexual Violence Premiering on WORLD Channel and PBS

Shot in Spain, Nepal, Mexico and the U.S., “Sands of Silence” explores the spectrum of sexual violence—from sex trafficking, to child molestation, to trusted adults sexualizing the young people in their care. journalist and filmmaker Chelo Avarez-Stehle delves into the devastating and long-lasting impact of this violence, showing how childhood experiences of abuse make women vulnerable to future violence, and the ways girls and women are silenced or encouraged to deny the impact of this violence.

Time’s Up for Sexually Abusive Ob-Gyns: ‘Robert Hadden Was a Predator in a White Coat’

On Jan. 24, 2023, Robert Hadden was found guilty of sex trafficking. Prosecutors were seeking federal charges, arguing Hadden enticed women to cross state lines so he could sexually abuse them.

I know how it feels to realize that a doctor sexually abuse. Hadden assaulted me on at least two occasions, including when I was pregnant.