Hate for Hillary

In “The Hunting of Hillary,” Pulitzer Prize-winning political biographer Michael D’Antonio recounts how her political opponents used sexist attacks to paint Clinton as a “ball-busting feminist” and frigid wife; a power-hungry “Lady Macbeth” and even a manipulative murderer. Along the way, he writes, they eroded political institutions, not only to damage Clinton’s political prospects, but to consolidate their own power.

¡Berta Vive!: The Life and Death of Berta Cáceres, Fearless Indigenous Leader

Nina Lakhani’s “Who Killed Berta Cáceres?” digs into the thick layers of the corrupt, colonial, imperialist, racist and misogynistic systems that contributed to the death of this beloved Honduran Lenca leader, cofounder of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras and the 2015 winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize.

The Ms. Q&A: Valerie Hudson on Placing Women’s Rights at the Core of Foreign Policy

“Human history has been driven by the male drive for physical security.”

Ms. had the chance to speak with Valerie Hudson, director of the Program on Women, Peace and Security at Texas A&M University. In the new book The First Political Order, which she coauthored, Hudson makes a compelling argument for placing women’s rights and representation at the core of foreign policy and national security—because what happens to half the population is obviously going to affect the health, the wealth and the security of a nation.

The #MeToo Helpline

Knowing that an estimated four-fifths of poor Americans are unable to access the legal services they need because they can’t afford the cost, NOW and Legal Momentum have teamed up again to create the SYMS|Legal Momentum Helpline—which provides free information, assistance and referrals to women and girls facing discrimination and harassment at work, in school and at home.

Letter from the Editors

We’re still reeling from the tragedy—the increasing number of cases of COVID-19, the increasing number of deaths, the increasing anxiety and feelings of helplessness. By the time you read this, the numbers of sick and dying will only be greater and the losses more tragic. These are difficult times for us all. And yet, we continue.

Inside the Spring 2020 Issue

We were at work on our latest issue of Ms. magazine when the world changed suddenly. As we go to print, we’re still reeling from the tragedy—the increasing numbers of people sickened by the disease, the increasing numbers of deaths, the increasing anxiety and feelings of helplessness. And yet, we continue.