OK, Piers Morgan, That’s Enough

CNN recently replaced long-time host Larry King with British TV presenter Piers Morgan, and Piers is a real gift to the ladies. He’s a hard-hitting, thought-provoking “journalist” who gets right to the heart of things–like the time he asked former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice if she’s “high maintenance” or “romantic,” and if she “dreams of a fairytale wedding”–you know, the real groundbreaking, big-ticket questions.

Well, last night Mr. Morgan snared my little lady heart. In an interview with his BFF and former “boss,” Donald Trump (Morgan was the winner of Celebrity Apprentice in 2008), Morgan brazenly announced that Trump’s greatest achievement was not his celebrity, success in business or massive fortune, rather, it was the “huge array of dazzlingly beautiful women” he has managed to “snare” over the years. Ahh, a fella after my own heart.

Trump, surprisingly, chose not to engage, saying he has “tremendous respect for women” (and not just beautiful women, all women! Except for Rosie O’Donnell, who he famously called a “big, fat pig.”), and that he was among the first to hire women builders and women in real estate. But then a few minutes later he reminded us that he owns the Miss America and Miss Universe franchises, and said the pageants are actually “really good for the girls.” Oops, sorry Donald. One step forward, five steps back.

But let’s get back to Piers Morgan. Not only does he lack journalistic credibility–his TV presenting resume includes both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent and a three-part television documentary entitled The Importance of Being Famous–but he was brought to CNN to boost ratings as the network fell steadily behind competitors MSNBC and Fox News. Since Morgan’s interview style is known for being obnoxious and invasive, it was a perfect solution to low ratings, direct from the Glenn Beck school of television: When things get tough, why not spice ’em up with a little sexism!

Now Piers, as a fellow Commonwealth ex-pat, I understand you might be having a tough time adapting your wry Brit wit to the brash humor of the U.S. But you’re really doing a piss-poor job of it. Sexism isn’t funny or inventive; no one is responding, your guests aren’t laughing and your ratings are pitiful.

And I know you think you have that sort-of-oblivious (but secretly genius) David Frost thing going for you, but you don’t. You’re a terrible replacement for Larry King, who, though he wasn’t my favorite anchor, could at least point to sexist discrimination as the reason for Katie Couric’s low ratings. You’d probably just point to her high-cut blouses.

So Piers, that’s enough. Just go back to hosting cable TV shows. You haven’t reversed CNN’s “butt-kicking” and you’re certainly no Barbara Walters. Next!

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  1. anushayspoint says:

    Great post! And what about when he had Kim an Kourtney Kardashian on the show and asked them if their boobs were real?! He's pathetic and obnoxious.

  2. nikitabluewriter says:

    What a maroon!

  3. noneedforaname says:

    I'm sorry, but this is factually incorrect. How can you say he lacks any journalistic credibility when he was the editor of 3 major magazines all before he was 28? And then to tie that into his television stint, that he wouldn't have even been thought of had it not been for for his stint in journalism, well, I would say that the person who lacks journalistic credibility would be yourself.

    Never in my wildest would I think that I would come to the defense of someone that I utterly dislike. And all because you didn't do enough research. At least you both have something in common, neither of you will ever be "no Barbara Walters."

    • being successful and having journalistic credibility aren't the same thing. Here's a summary of his biography up until 2004 http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles

      • noneedforaname says:

        Yeah, thanks. I'm aware. Where exactly did the comparison of success vs. journalistic credibility come from? I don't think anyone is disputing that fact, especially considering that's not what the topic at hand is. At the end of the day, I don't even like Piers Morgan. I think he is abrasive, argumentative, and interrupts his guests just to hear his own voice. I don't enjoy his interviewing style one iota.

        But the reality is Piers Morgan does have journalistic credibility. Hence him having a show on CNN at the same time that Larry King once did (notice I didn't say he took over the show, because again, that's a misnomer.) The fact is, this writer attempted to make a salacious piece by omitting key chunks of information. And THAT is lacking journalistic credibility. In fact, it seems that she and Piers have more in common than not.

        • Umm…You say he was editor of 3 major magazines (they were actually newspapers and there is a difference), but that doesn't give him journalistic credability. Being an honest, ethical reporter gives journalistic credability and he is neither of those things. He was found guilty of breaching the code on financial journalism in 2000 for acting on a stock tip months before releasing it to the public, and he was sacked from his editting post at The Daily Mirror for being responsible for publishing fake photos of prisoner abuse in Iraq. That is neither honest, ethical or the trademark of a credible journalist.

  4. Susan Rubin says:

    Great post! This guy is creepy and shallow. You made his credentials sound as non-existent as they are. I say replace him with Sponge Bob.

  5. It's ahardly surprising he doesn't care for journalistic integrity. This is a guy that before becoming a TV presenter, was sacked from his job of editor of the Mirror for publishing faked photos of british soldiers abusing an Iraqi prisoner http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3716151.st… somehow he seems to have shaken this off in the glory of celebrity journalism and sexism. What a model journalist!

  6. John Giles says:

    As a Brit, I can only apologise for the fact that you ended up with this total fvckwit.

  7. womanistmusings says:

    I was so very happy to learn that his ratings are terrible. I have watched his show a few times and have come to quickly realize that not only is he incredibly obnoxious, but he has absolutely ZERO interview skills. It really is no wonder that he is was beat by a cable cooking show. I can only hope that CNN puts the axe to his show immediately.

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