Quiz: Is The Huffington Post the New Maxim?

When I saw that The Huffington Post and AOL had completed a $315 million merger earlier this year, I groaned. I was used to seeing questionable headlines on the old AOL home page, and I could only guess what would the merger would do to the Huffington Post’s integrity.

Sure enough, the HuffPost–once my progressive news mecca–has changed. Its headlines are more and more tabloid-worthy, and it increasingly courts traffic with sexism and skin.

Don’t believe me? Take this quiz and see if you can guess the origins of these headlines: Huffington Post, Maxim or Cosmo?

Huffington Post, Maxim or Cosmo?



It’s not just headlines, either. This awesome video by Feminist Frequency shows how The Huffington Post uses women’s bodies as click bait.


  1. Huffington Post at one time had integrity?


  2. also not there is a boycott movement of Huffington Post re: it not paying the writers whose work created the value that was monetized when HuffPo sold out to AOL, not being paid for what ended up putting a lot of money in HuffPo’s pockets. see http://nwu.org/boycott-huffington-post-0

  3. Glenda McCarthy says:

    I’m amazed that Huffington Post has been given legitimacy by journalist organizations and by so many liberals (who, yes, are hungry for a media outlet). The site has always used women’s bodies as bait … seems to have a requirement that photos of breasts and/or bikinis is on every page; it also “borrows” stories from actual journalist sites. Huffington was vehemently against Hillary Clinton and seems to be against any woman having power other than herself. It’s sad indeed that a woman who has so much power and money (from her ex-husband I suppose) uses it to manipulate liberal thinkers with sexist pap.

  4. The Huffington Post never had integrity.

    It’s been the illusion of a “progressive” news source.

  5. I agree – I don’t live in the US and I rarely check the Huffington Post (I’m more of a Guardian reader), but whenever I clicked on a link suggested by someone, it was rubbish sensationalism :S .

    Then again, I don’t know for how long and to what extent it’s been like this. However last week I heard an interview with Ms. Huffington on BBC Radio 4 and she was pretty sentimental about her mother and her daughters and female empowerment. What a hypocrite 🙂

  6. Eh, this makes me sick. I did an awful job on the quiz. The fact that Bristol Palin’s virginity was news creeps my insides out. I don’t like the Palins, but that is just wrong and sick. I am not surprised that the “11 Hottest Female Professors in the Country” was a news story, but I am surprised that it came from HuffPo. Ughhh, it’s just wrong. Thanks for this article and quiz. It was a great idea to prove your point.

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