A New Mexico Escort Speaks Out About the Albuquerque Busts

Jennifer is an escort working in New Mexico. She graciously agreed to be interviewed about the recent prostitution bust in Albuquerque [Editors’ note: which Ms. Blogger Laura Paskus covered here]. The David Flory she refers to is the man accused of running the Southwest Companions (SWC) website and other charges.

How did you find out about the Albuquerque bust?

Texts and messages started flooding in immediately. Everyone who heard contacted me pretty quick.

How has your escort business been affected?

It has been devastated and I guess that was their goal. The business completely died immediately after the story broke. Only a very few longtime clients are still in contact right now, and half of them weren’t associated with SWC at all.

What’s the vibe in the escort community right now?

I know very little because I haven’t had much communication with anyone. I have no idea who I can trust and who I can’t so I’ve been very cautious. One of my friends took down her website like I did. Another one that I know of at least changed her phone number, although I have no idea how that would help.

How have the clients been reacting to the bust?

Well, the ones I have spoken with have looked for reassurances that they’re still safe with me and are pretty saddened by the loss of the New Mexico community as a whole. No one understands why resources are being wasted like this on our industry, which we view as a “victimless crime” when there is so much serious crime out there that involves violence and theft and destruction.

How does this bust affect escorts communicating with each other and with clients?

Well as I’ve said, there is very little communication now, which creates a very dangerous environment for all of us. This “prostitution ring” was really a website designed for open communication and safety, and of course a little free advertising. It was the place we could discuss clients and verify with each other who was honest and good and who was freaky, violent or a rip off artist. The same goes for the men. They knew which girls were not only talented, but also who was drugged out or known to be a thief. We could discuss who played unsafely and who had good reputations for practicing safe sex. All that is gone now, and we’re all back to playing blind, so to speak.

How will these arrests affect safety practices amongst escorts?

When we see sad circumstances of young girls being pimped and controlled and mistreated, and then even more horrific stories like the West Mesa Murders, it creates a feeling that “something should be done”. The saddest part is that Southwest Companions was created exactly for that purpose and now it’s gone. They’ve destroyed the community of safety we built to enable us to work independently.

I would beg women to just hang on through this tough time, work to build back trust among us, and continue to communicate with each other. Don’t turn to the streets or the truck stops or to pimps for protection. Don’t let feelings of desperation or despair make you reckless. Stay strong, stay clean, stay smart.

What are your opinions of the media coverage?

Well it was definitely the hot button story for a few days. The writing was pretty skewed in the direction of making David seem evil.  It was easy for me to see that not much is known about how our industry really works.

Several women were accused of being prostitutes in the media before being found guilty of it. Have you heard how these women have been affected?

Well, I have to defend the media on this one. The women that they accused of being prostitutes had full web sites claiming to be talented escorts, containing pictures and detailed descriptions of what they would do and how they would pleasure someone during a date and had their hourly rates posted. It’s pretty hard at that point to quibble over who might be a what.

The Dateline special portrayed the ABQ police as wanting to help New Mexico prostitutes (ex the West Mesa Murders) and yet the police are busting women and men in the ABQ area. Do you think this bust will negatively affect future progress on the case?

Omg, I can’t even imagine! I’m afraid of more escorts moving to the streets after losing their main Internet business. I know that by destroying trust and communication avenues, the only willing participants with police are going to be girls who are being threatened by the police because of their minor children or drugs. How reliable will those be? By arresting the decent paying clients, it’s only going to create a desperation that may drive girls to be more reckless with which Johns they go with, leaving them wide open to freaks and killers.

What actions would you like to see the sex worker activist community doing about this bust?

I’m not sure what can be done. We need to rebuild a forum for referencing safe people, places and practices.

What can sex worker supporters do to help escorts?

It mainly depends on voting for the right people and ideas, especially on local levels. We need to put pressure on our governments to put the money and resources into the projects that are really important.

Prostitution busts are often portrayed as necessary to get women out of the escort business. Do you think women quit the business and get “socially accepted” jobs because of busts like this?

I don’t know. Two women I know well already have regular jobs and I think that’s really common. One is a teacher who is divorced with two children; she got into the business when she was facing foreclosure on her house. The other has been working a job, going to school and still works in the business to stay afloat. I’m disabled and unable to work a normal job. I’m in the business so I can afford my doctors and medications. My medications alone run about $1,200.00 a month. I’ve been on the waiting list for state medical care for over 3 years now.

What are your opinions on governments and societies telling consenting adults what they can and can’t do with their time, bodies and money?

Oh I could go on forever about how wrong the system is. I think most of the ridiculous laws were brought about through good intentions of creating an environment of protection for it’s citizens but hundreds of years worth of history has proven that it doesn’t work. People are not better people because they live under thick layers of blanket laws that don’t take individual circumstances into account.

Any other thoughts on the bust that you’d like to share?

I’d like to give my personal opinion on David Flory, as someone who knew him and worked with him. Although we, the local working girls of New Mexico, would get frustrated with him for encouraging so many outside girls to travel to New Mexico for work, he wasn’t a bad guy. He took over the site to keep it from getting lost and falling apart. He recognized the need for service that the site provided and he was dedicated to keeping the hobby fun and safe for everybody. He never pressured or forced or intimidated or threatened or “pimped” or “managed” anyone. His biggest error was trying to encourage out-of-state girls to visit. In his mind, and the minds of the other men that were arrested, it was about increasing the variety of girls to choose from.

Reprinted with permission from RadicalVixen.com.

TOP: Screenshot of Southwest Companions website.


  1. Who is this ‘poser’ escort who apparently knows so much, because I know everything about this case and don’t know this person at all. This is someone who needed the money and can talk a load of crap. And Laura Paskus needs to get a grip on the 21st century. ‘Most escorts’ are not drug addicted, pimp driven, with a need to have a roof over their head. Maybe the low life loser you talked to.

    ‘Companions/Escorts’ don’t move onto the ‘Street’, or turn to Truck Stops or Pimps- Ever. It’s not even feasible. We would not even know how to do it-so far out of reality it would be. This is a streetwalker who got onto the internet for a short period of time and is playing this journalist like an out of tune piano, along with her assumed prejudices in past articles. A total farce!

    Laura pretends to be some kind of feminist, ‘oh so exploitation’. Sorry darlin, its just not fact. Nobody exploited anyone in this. It was all 100% voluntary on all sides. No minors, all adults doing what adults do. 100% Consensual. No guilt trips, no downtrodden poverty, just a high end, decent paying job. If some , like the one you interviewed , was a crack whore, that is the low end. They choose that lifestyle, most do not. I am sure you will think ‘I’ am deluded. No. I cant make it on $10 an hour, and many women have actually lost their jobs in the last few years, so WOW, women turn to escorting, a high demand job source. YOU think its exploitation, we think it pays the bills. Your over judgmental criticism and ridiculous commentary is oh so 1970’s. College students escort to pay their way, single mothers do it to get off welfare, mature women because they have realized their 40 hr a week paycheck is not actually making the grade.

    It is amazing how little is known about this business. The women vilified and the men given a pass.

    But the men create the demand. It’s your husbands, in droves that create the demand. How do you think there were allegedly 1,400 clients on SWC? To 200 women? Not even close, on either side BTW. Still, the demand creates the supply. And trust, the demand is high, so what does that say to you, little Ms, Judgement? Author of drug addicted , oh so sad prostitute article? No. We are hot, sexy, surrogates and teachers to your sex starved men, and they are having a great time with us, and we are getting paid well for it. It’s Your husbands, your lovers making all this happen. So talk shit all you want about exploitation. Your husband will come see me tomorrow and my bills get paid.

    • Some logical dude says:

      I completely agree with your entire post. Most escorts/prostitutes/hookers/ whatever you want to call them, are amazing, graceful women and are far more interesting than some girls that can be found in dance clubs and college campuses. Escorts also make better therapists than actual shrinks. You get to tell the escort all your problems, she gives you her input, then you have sex. How great is that? You might also get a great back massage.

      Its sad that these ‘feminists’ preach gender equality while they back-stab their fellow women and tell them what they can or can’t do with their bodies.

  2. Hi Radical Vixen, I strongly agree with Nobody that Most escorts are not drug addicted and pimp driven. The term, ‘escort’ is usually used to define an individual who accompanies another to tours and parties. However, there are dissimilar suggestions of the term. Escorts can pose as dates, who simply accompany another to parties, assistances one in everyday life and also deliver massage therapies. Most escorts are well-trained in massage and Jacuzzi services. After a long, tiring day, an escort massage can rejuvenate you physically, as well as mentally.

  3. FWIW I’ve never heard of an escort being ‘trained’ in ‘jacuzzi services.’ The ‘free escorts’ comment is linked to an escort services ad. Does Ms. really want their blog to be used this way?

  4. Some logical dude says:

    Escorts/prostitution is a stupid thing to get into legal trouble for. There is no logical reason for this activity to be illegal unless illegal acts also occur (ie. beating, raping, assaulting, killing, kidnapping, bribing prostitutes, or other way around).

    Its not only the stereotypical male ‘client’ who pays for prostitutes, but all sorts of males all across the nation. Some police officers, judges, lawyers and doctors pay for the sexual company of an escort. I’m not saying they’re bad people for doing it, they might be very good people who are great professionals at their job. So why ruin the reputation of these males with an arrest and criminal record who’s only encounter with the law was probably some traffic ticket or no law encounter at all? Putting a man who pays for an escort for CONSENTING sex in the same league as DWI offenders, murderers, thieves and rapists is silly and a waste of tax payer money as well as tormenting and embarrassing.

    What bad things has Southwest Companions done other than provide a nice little community for CONSENTING adults. Drugs, human trafficking and sex slavery was never promoted within the company. The owner might have been a hard-ass, but what serious business owner isnt? He protected his female employees and clients from bad people.

    If the APD (and politicians) claim that human trafficking, pimps, and drug addiction is a huge problem and the main reason why clients and prostitutes are arrested, why don’t the cops co-operate with a few prostitute, get some confidential information from them, and do some real law enforcement to crack down on pimps, gangs, and drug dealers who abuse these prostitutes and terrorize several neighborhoods around the area while placing the co-operating prostitutes witness protection? That makes more sense than doing sting operations all over the city and the internet that accomplishes nothing. A lot of reputations of good, well-to-do citizens will be saved.

    But try telling that to these bible humping, ‘high moral,’ moderate politicians who tell consenting adults what they can and can’t do in the bedroom. Makes me sick!

  5. Lisa Shuman Stone says:

    Can’t we’all just fuck & get along? Get religion out of SEX & POLITICS…… Adam & Eve WERE NEVER MARRIED!!!

  6. sara love says:

    I believe that more people need to speak up to change the law, so we can legalize prostitution but we are afraid to speak up? There should not be a law on your body you should be free to do as you please so long as no one is hurting no one. There is not a law on going to a bar to have sex with STRANGERS because you are not MARRIED just because…WHY PUT A LAW ON MY BODY OR ANYBODIES BODY….ONLY AMERICA!

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