New York DA Drops “Self-Abortion” Charges

The New York District Attorney is dropping charges against a woman accused of “self abortion” after a 24-week fetus was found in a dumpster. But that doesn’t mean they won’t continue pursuing the case.

Via the AP:

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said it was declining to prosecute Yaribely Almonte but continuing to investigate. Prosecutors wouldn’t elaborate.

Almonte, 20, was arrested in November on the misdemeanor charge, which concerns a woman forcibly causing a miscarriage when more than six months pregnant. Abortion is illegal after that point in New York, unless the procedure is necessary to save the woman’s life.

The charge is seldom brought and even more rarely results in conviction, state statistics show.

The decision to keep the case open despite lack of evidence makes it clear that the incident is being used primarily to serve as a warning to other women who may attempt to induce their own abortions, as well as keep women who experience late term miscarriage and cannot afford health care in fear.

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Photo from Flickr user Tex Texin under Creative Commons 2.0


  1. Linda Kramer says:

    I will tell you up front, I believe ABORTION IS MURDER. However, I fail to see how a woman can be charged with a crime when we allow Dr.’s to do it everyday. It is time for we women to quitt fooling ourselves into believing that the inconvenience of a child is an acceptable reason for murder. After all, there are NUMEROUS forms of CONVENIENT contraceptives easily available to anyone these days. Any RATIONAL, HONEST woman knows THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR MURDERING A CHILD.

  2. Linda, are you on the right website?

    Contraceptives cannot always prevent pregnancies, I learned that when I was twelve years old so I’m surpised you do not know this. If you’re one of those people that thinks women use abortion as birth control you are pretty damn ignorant. There are numerous reasons women get abortions and frankly they are none of your damn business.

    Also, a fetus is not a “child.” I would suggest you go back to biology class.

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