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Forty years has certainly been enough time for Ms. magazine to make its own history within the Women’s Movement. Ms. was there for a multitude of memorable moments–from Anita Hill’s testimony before the U.S. Senate, to the Year of the Woman, to being one of the first magazines to write about how the HPV vaccine can help women prevent certain cancers. But how well do you really know Ms. and its accomplishments? The quiz below will test you on your knowledge of the magazine and some of the most influential moments that it has been part of.



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Read more about Ms. Moments in the 40th Anniversary Issue of Ms., which includes a special eight-page timeline that relives some of the key highlights along the road to equal rights.

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  1. Lynne Shapiro says:

    I know MS from Jane O’Reilly’s “The Housewives Moment of Truth” from Lindsy Van Gelder’s many articles including “Dependencies of Independent Women” that should be one of your archived articles available on your website for all time, one I think of as “Women/Feminists of the World Unite, Learn Computers” and one about ecofeminists already on your website, and from No Comments, from many arts and music reviews and from news from around the world.

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