Peace Heroes: Ahlem Nasraoui Fights Terrorism in Tunisia with Entrepreneurship

Tunisia ranks among the highest per capita exporters of extremists in the world. Ahlem Nasraoui believes youth bear the torchlight for change.

Peace Heroes: Pakistani Activist Mossarat Qadeem Responds to Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has accused Pakistan of providing “safe havens to terrorist organizations.” But Pakistani peace practitioners like Mossarat Qadeem have been putting their blood, sweat and tears into doing the exact opposite.

Faiza Dhocob is Fighting Terror in Somalia in the Face of Destruction

A ground-shaking terror attack that destroyed hotels, government offices and restaurants left the office of Witness Somalia—an organization aiming to help war-torn Somali society pursue peaceful pathways, free from violence, through empowering women and youth—completely destroyed.

Pakistani Peacebuilder Bushra Hyder is Fighting Off Calls for Jihad as the Rohingya Crisis Heightens

As news and images of the Burmese military’s attacks on the Rohingya community spread around the world, principal and peace education pioneer Bushra Qadeem Hyder was among the first to see the impact on the students around her.

Peace Heroes: Sureya Roble is Bringing Women to the Table to Fight Extremism in Kenya

“Whatever decisions and policies are being put forth, women must be at the forefront.”

Peace Heroes: How Visaka Dharmadasa’s Tragedy Led to a Rise in Sri Lankan Peace Activism

Visaka Dharmadasa’s two elder sons were drafted into the army. When one went missing, she led a delegation of other mothers of missing servicemen into the jungles to meet with the guerillas who were responsible for their fates.

Wonder Women, Peace Heroes and Human Security

Despite being left out of formal negotiation processes, women have been at the front lines of peace and security efforts from the beginning.

Peace Heroes: Bushra Qadeem Hyder on Fighting Extremism with Education in Pakistan

A pioneer in education, Bushra Qadeem Hyder speaks of her journey of triumphs and challenges bringing up the next generation in a country saturated in conflict.

Peace Heroes: Ghada Rifai on Building a Better Future for Syria

In the midst of war, an ever-expanding network of dedicated Syrians have been working to heal the torn society. At the center is Ghada Rifai, a trained architect who has built a human network rooted in the values of peace, diversity and non-violence.

Peace Heroes: Palestine’s Lucy Talgieh

Lucy Talgieh, a newly-elected municipal representative in Bethlehem, Palestine talked to Ms. about women’s rights, eradicating extremism and promoting a more peaceful homeland.

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