Kenyan Court Ruling Demands Accountability in the Global Maternal Health Crisis Facing Black Women

A woman who was physically and verbally abused while giving birth at a hospital in Kenya was awarded $25,000 last month in a landmark court decision that expanded conversations around black women’s reproductive health and rights—and the global maternal mortality epidemic facing black mothers.

Time’s Up for R. Kelly—Because It’s Long Past Time to Believe Black Survivors

Women of color within the Time’s Up campaign have joined forces with the activist-led #MuteRKelly campaign, demanding accountability for the decades of allegations of assault, exploitation and abuse against the entertainer.

Activists in India Mobilized After the Rape and Murder of an Eight-Year-Old Girl—And Won Legal Victories

After thousands of protestors took to the streets in Asifa Bano’s name, India’s cabinet held an emergency meeting to strengthen policies on child sexual abuse.

Girls in India Aren’t Feeling the Impacts Recent Legal Victories on the Ground

Last year, India’s highest court ruled that sex with a child was always rape, closing child marriage loopholes in their age of consent laws. Victory celebrations ensued around the world—but reports from India reveal that the ruling has been difficult to enforce at the community level.

Before #MeToo, Women in Local Arts Communities Were Organizing for Accountability

Women have been working, fighting, organizing, speaking out and battling the status quo in their local communities for decades—and #MeToo is their watershed moment, too. 

When We Criticize Survivors, We Ignore Those Who Didn’t Survive

This conversation cannot wait, and this is certainly not the time to tear down anti-sexual harassment activists. We must keep moving forward—not pushing back. For women of color in particular, that is the only way to survive.

The Intersectionality of Believability

Believability is a privilege still reserved for white women.

Will 2017 Be the Year of Hollywood’s Feminist Reckoning?

The kinds of stories women are telling about Harvey Weinstein and other men in entertainment aren’t new. But something is different now: The accused are facing consequences.

An End to FGM

Nigeria has joined 23 African countries in banning female genital mutilation.

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