What the Pink?: Boozing for Boobs

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Ms. blog will be running a series of pieces devoted to the disease and activism around it.  It is now October, which means that Halloween is around the corner, the pumpkin decorations are out and … what is that? Oh, the color pink, slathered onto every billboard, advertisement and product possible. […]

Politicians Say the Darndest Things

In the past several months, a myriad of public figures have made ridiculous (ignorant, offensive) comments about women and their bodies. We’ve put together a slideshow highlighting the most absurd quotes, following them with factchecking and some mea culpas from the foot-in-mouthers. Let us know if we’ve missed any!   [prezi id=’http://prezi.com/7ve5ossidvbu/lest-we-forget/’]   Photo of […]

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