State Department Dining, Muslimah Style

I recently accepted an invitation to attend a dinner at the State Department hosted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in honor of the holy month of Ramadan. The dinner itself, which takes place on Tuesday, September 7, is a formal iftar—the meal eaten every evening after sunset when Muslims break the fast during the […]

Meet One Kick-Ass Saudi Woman

Still, even as I pity these moronic “morality” cops, I can’t help but want to beat the crap out of them too.

Boobquake and Brainquake: Why Not Both?

Even if we find ourselves disagreeing on the means of protest, I think we can still agree that both Brainquake and Boobquake share a common goal: to further shake the already-shaken credibility of the leaders of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. So, why not work together?

Hissa Hilal Fights “Fatwas” With Poetry

A talented Saudi poet, Hissa Hilal, has become the breakout star of Abu Dhabi’s popular game show the “Million’s Poet,” and she hasn’t even won yet.

Islam’s First Feminist

Countless Muslim women around the world today are standing up and demanding their rights to freedom and equality under both secular and Islamic law. These feminist jihadists can be found in every corner of the globe. From France to Afghanistan to Sudan, brave Muslimahs are refusing to be told what they can and cannot do, […]

Waging a Worldwide Feminist Jihad

Few things frustrate me more than being told that I don’t look like or can’t possibly be who I know I am. But as a loud and proud peace-loving feminist jihadist, I can’t avoid the accusations: “You don’t look like a Muslim”;  “You can’t be a Muslim and a feminist!” and worse yet, “There’s no […]

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