Why Do You #UseTheFWord?

Times have changed, and so have our cultural attitudes toward the word “feminist.”

Justice for the Women of El Salvador is Long Overdue

In El Salvador, being poor and pregnant means losing your basic rights. Now, the nation’s lawmakers are considering permitting abortion in specific situations.

A Cruel Attack on Women and the Poor: Six Low-Lights From Trump’s Budget

The Trump Administration today released its FY 2018 budget, calling it “A New Foundation for American Greatness.” Early analysis of the budget, however, shows that it’s anything but.

Disgust, Stigma and the Politics of Abortion

Abortion is an emotionally charged issue—not just for those who oppose it. I find it disgusting that white men continue to believe that they have the knowledge, power and political capital to legislate a simple and safe medical procedure for women.

WEBINAR: Learn How to Build Campaigns for Renewable Energy with Ms.

Ms. is hosting a free webinar with movement leaders on building and sustaining movements to boost renewables and combat climate change. RSVP today!

The Chimera of Choice

How do we determine where to draw the lines of acceptable and unacceptable bodily interventions? Especially troubling is the eerily uncomfortable overlap of female genital construction surgery and what we define as female genital mutilation.

No More Stalling: We Can Prevent Maternal Deaths

It is time to make certain more mothers survive.

Reflections on the Women’s March: A Letter to My Son

You were at the Women’s March on Washington. You won’t remember it because I carried you. At just 15 weeks along, you were the size of an orange.

Red With Envy: A Feminist Anthropology of Republican Policy

What if the war on women boils down to a simple emotion: jealousy?

Sally Yates Is a Profile in Courage

The fired acting attorney general proved this week that there are still a few in Washington who believe in truth and the law.

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