How Family Planning Could Help Slow Climate Change


In the mid-1990s, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in a village in Niger, a West African country consistently ranked as one of the poorest in the world. I lived in a mud hut, learned a local language, made lasting friendships and did interesting work. Nearly 20 years later, two memories stand out from those years: It was […]

Open Our Borders


In the wake of recent tragic events in Paris, Beirut and Afghanistan my heart is broken. As an Afghan American Muslim who came to the U.S. as a refugee after the Russian invasion in 1980, I am saddened to see the nation that sheltered and embraced my family and me become divided. Over the last […]

What a Truly Effective Sex Ed Curriculum Looks Like


The pathways by which gender norms drive adolescent sexual experience and health are easy to imagine. Anthony coerces a girl at a party to have sex, in order to satisfy his buddies’ questions about his heterosexuality. Jessica has unwanted sex because she’s afraid her boyfriend will become violent again if she refuses. Sofía becomes pregnant […]

At Least 100,000 Texas Women Have Induced Their Own Abortions


The Texas Policy Evaluation Project (TxPEP) yesterday released a groundbreaking report on self-induced abortion. The report found that at least 100,000 Texas women have ever attempted to end a pregnancy on their own without medical assistance. These findings demonstrate that in the face of burdensome restrictions on abortions, like Texas’ onerous House Bill 2 (HB2), women […]

For Undocumented Women Seeking Reproductive Healthcare, Policing and Politics Create a Maze of Barriers

Maze (1)

Reprinted with permission from Bitch In September 2015, an undocumented woman arrived at a healthcare clinic outside of Houston for a routine follow-up exam. Blanca Borrego handed a false driver’s license to the receptionist at the Memorial Hermann women’s clinic upon check-in and waited to be called into the examination room with her two daughters […]

The Glass Podium


During Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate, Donald Trump interrupted an exchange between Carly Fiorina and Senator Rand Paul to tell Fiorina to stop interrupting. “Why does she keep interrupting everybody?” he asked. “Boy, terrible.” Numbers from FiveThirtyEight show that the majority of men on the main Republican debate stage—five, including Trump—interrupted more often than Fiorina that […]

Women in Combat? Let’s Reframe the Debate


Copyright, Reprinted with permission Defense Secretary Ash Carter is due to receive from his military leaders their recommendations on ending policies that exclude women from combat. His decision on the matter is expected by the end of the year. Public opinion of the policy has changed in recent years in response to women’s rights advocates […]

Birth Control Coverage Heads Back to the Supreme Court


The Supreme Court today agreed to hear arguments from religiously affiliated non-profits challenging women’s right to access insurance coverage for birth control under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The non-profits seeking to deny women employees access to birth control argue that the requirement to fill out a one-page form to receive an exemption from covering […]

Carly Fiorina’s Feminist Crusade?


With the presidential election now in full swing, the Ms. Blog is excited to bring you a series presented in conjunction with Presidential Gender Watch 2016, a project of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and the Center for American Women and Politics. They’ll be tracking, analyzing and illuminating gender dynamics during election season—so check back with us regularly! When […]

Attention Candidates: Women Are More Than Just Talking Points


In a debate largely centered on tax reforms, calls for small government, and some verbal boxing with the moderators, we heard the Republican candidates during Wednesday night’s debate evoking single mothers, working women and working families in their talking points, without putting forward many concrete policy solutions to address the real challenges that families are […]