Well-Intentioned Efforts at “Reform” Have Uniquely Hurt Incarcerated Women

We need more than benign purpose to craft policy. What women are facing now in the criminal justice system is proof.

WATCH: The #MeToo PSA Made Entirely By Women

A new PSA released by Women in Motion Pictures, a feminist collective of female filmmakers and actors, explores the scope of sexual harassment and its devastating effects on women and girls—in Hollywood and beyond.

Across the Country, 2018 Ushered in New Laws Boosting Women’s Rights

On January 1 of this year, many laws that boosted women’s access to healthcare, proximity to economic justice and protections from workplace discrimination kicked into effect. 

This Extreme Ballot Measure Campaign Shows The True Intentions of the Anti-Abortion Movement

In the state of California, anti-abortion activists want to put a sweeping measure on the November 2018 ballot classifying all abortions, without exception, as first-degree murder.

Our Sex Trafficking Laws Hurt Sexually Exploited Girls

A call to action on National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Masculinity, Missiles and Donald Trump

“President Trump makes the job of a feminist security analyst almost too easy. No subtle teasing out of subtexts required with this guy.”

Hollywood Started the Year With a Show of Feminist Solidarity in the Fight Against Sexual Harassment

“No more silence. No more waiting. No more tolerance for discrimination, harassment or abuse. TIME’S UP.”

Trump’s HHS Appointees are Taking Aim at Title X

For nearly 50 years, Title X has had broad and bipartisan support. Economically, it’s common sense. For millions of women and families, it’s vital. And now it’s at risk.

No Peace Without Women

The newly enacted Women, Peace and Security Act gives women reserved seating at the peace-talk table.

This is What Democracy Looks Like

In 2017’s elections, women—as candidates and voters—repudiated Trump’s agenda and delivered big wins for Democrats.

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