Federal Agents Seized an Infant from Her Mother at the Border—While She Was Breastfeeding

A woman from Honduras was breastfeeding her daughter in a detention center in Texas when federal agents took her child away from her—and handcuffed her when she fought back.

Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky is Fighting for a #MeToo Moment

“By far our state capitol is the most misogynistic place I have ever worked,” Pennsylvania state Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-161) told Ms.

Women in Congress are Taking on Sexual Harassment with the EMPOWER Act

On June 5, Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) introduced the EMPOWER Act to end sexual harassment for all women workers.

Frances McDormand Rides Again

Frances McDormand ended her acceptance speech at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony with an emphasis on two powerful words: “inclusion rider.” On Wednesday, she reflected on her speech—and decorated her own backside with the phrase—at Women in Film’s Crystal+Lucy Awards.

Feminists are Fighting the Trump Administration’s Deadly Immigration Policies

The Trump administration’s immigration policies for domestic violence survivors and families have devastating consequences—and feminists are fighting back.

How One Woman’s Story Changed the Laws on Child Marriage in Kentucky

Donna Pollard’s story is a stark reminder that society changes for the better when we listen to women.

To Reckon with #MeToo, Southern Baptists Need to Reckon With Theology

Paige Patterson’s behavior toward women makes perfectly good sense within a theological context that denies women’s full humanity.

The Swimsuit Issue

The Miss America pageant’s decision to scrap the swimsuit competition, and their policy of judging contestants based on their physical appearance, is a step forward—but this type of judgement for women still exists in too many workplaces across the country.

California Voters Just Recalled a Judge Who Didn’t Take Rape Seriously

“This victory is not just for Emily Doe, but for girls and women everywhere.”

Women Ambassadors, Mediocre White Men and the Iran Deal

“God, grant me the confidence of a mediocre white dude.” Sarah Hagi’s quote came to mind as I watched a bombastic, overconfident President Trump cause the demise of a truly historic nuclear deal.

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