Quiz: Know Your New York City Feminism

June’s Feminist Summer Camp in New York City has come and gone (tear) and it’s time to reflect on what we learned. As you remember, Ms. introduced everyone to camper Sara Myles and her blog documenting her exciting week-long experience. Leaders Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards led campers on a fantastic feminist voyage across the city that included a trip to our friend the Ms. Foundation (the country’s first women’s fund, founded in 1972 by Ms. editors!) Other stops included a workshop with the Guerrilla Girls, countless organizations and even a sex shop.

Been following along? Think you know your stuff? Take our quiz to see how much you know about New York feminism!


How did you do? Find out more about the sights and sounds of feminist New York at Sara’s Blog: This is an Old Fashioned Revolution.

Photo from Flickr user tyger lyllie under Creative Commons 3.o


Kate Noftsinger is currently an intern for Ms. Magazine, making the move from the Heartland to LA. She is a Journalism major and a Women’s Studies minor at Bowling Green State University where she writes a weekly column for the BG News. She’s a Pisces. And a Feminist.