Seeing Inequality, Keeping Trans Transparent, Criticizing Gwyneth and More: Editors’ Picks, 4/17-4/23

Tragically, the body of missing honors student Phylicia Barnes has been found in the Susquehanna River. Her body was recovered, along with that of an unidentified male, on Friday. The Root has more.

At Sociological Images: a visualization of inequality in the U.S., from name-based racial discrimination to the ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor.

Over at Colorlines, three hip-hop scholars talk about combatting homophobia.

Gaby Rodriguz, a high school girl in Washington, faked a pregnancy for six months of her senior year as part of a social experiment for a school project on stereotypes of teen moms. The Frisky has more.

There are reports that the White House has scheduled a secret meeting with trans-rights activists. At Pam’s House Blend, Autumn Sandeen argues that, considering how much lip-service the Obama administration has paid to the value of transparency,

If the President truly believes transgender people are human beings that deserve ordinary equality … then he needs to be transparent about it in a way where his administration and he can be held publicly accountable for it.

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is writing laughably ignorant things on his blog again. A few weeks back, he made a peevish fuss about how white men just can’t catch a break. This time he’s miffed because of Huffington Post blogger Keli Goff’s critique of Gwyneth Paltrow’s claim that all of her critics are jealous of her in an interview with Popeater this week. Adams wasn’t about to let his gal-pal Gwyn get taken down without putting up a fight:

Goff was born with a few advantages herself. She’s beautiful, smart and apparently had the resources she needed to make it through NYU and go on to get her Master’s degree at Columbia University. If you ask Goff what made her successful, would she credit her hard work and leave out her other obvious advantages? Or would she answer honestly and say, “I worked hard for what I’ve achieved, but it didn’t hurt that I’m a brilliant, smoking-hot African-American woman in 2011.”

Boom! Roasted. Gawker has a great analysis of the situation, including this brilliant takeaway–that Adams’ musings are like …

If every College Republican chapter president in the world and the most insufferable students in your undergraduate philosophy class, plus 50,000 copies of Atlas Shrugged, combined into a voltron and started a blog.

Image courtesy of Sociological Images.


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