Editors’ Picks, #HERvotes Edition

Over the past few days, dozens of leading feminists from all walks of life have shared personal stories, compelling essays, policy solutions and calls to action in an effort to mobilize women voters in 2012. So many have raised their voices that even if you have been following the HERvotes blog carnival, there are probably […]

Apparently Richard Dawkins Is a Jerk and Miscarrying Is a Crime: Editors’ Picks, July 3-July 9

World-renowned evolutionary biologist/atheist/smarty-pants Richard Dawkins showed his true colors this week (which, one assumes, are the colors of the official flag of privilege) when he instigated a comment war with feminists after leaving a particularly clueless and vile sarcastic response to a post on activist Rebecca Watson’s blog. The Atlantic Wire has the play-by-play. A […]

Red Tape, Racist Sentencing, Gates of Hell: Editors’ Picks, 6/19-6/25

On “Counter Earth,” the imagined alternate universe of cartoonist Ruben Bolling, women are able to exercise their constitutional right to choose abortion, while seemingly endless red tape makes unilaterally waging war a logistical nightmare, requiring President Obama to endure a series of obstacles designed to discourage him from going through with it, like traveling 500 […]