Obama’s Plan B for the Religious Exemption

The White House today announced an update to its widely supported and yet hotly contested decision not to expand the religious exemption for no-cost contraceptive coverage. At stake was whether religiously affiliated organizations such as Catholic hospitals and universities should also be excluded from the health-insurance requirement, even though many of their employees aren’t Catholic. (Houses of worship were already exempt).

It’s Trust Women Week!

2011 brought an unprecedented assault by anti-abortion and anti-contraception state legislatures on women’s reproductive health—135 reproductive rights laws were enacted in 36 states, 68 percent of which restrict access to abortion. Reproductive-rights groups are fighting back with a simple but powerful pro-choice message: Trust women.

Trust Women in 2012!

The official toll from 2011’s War on Women is in. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a record-breaking 92 new state-level restrictions on abortion were passed last year, the most ever. In response, reproductive-rights groups hope to make 2012 the year that women fought back—and won.