Obama’s Plan B for the Religious Exemption

The White House today announced an update to its widely supported and yet hotly contested decision not to expand the religious exemption for no-cost contraceptive coverage. At stake was whether religiously affiliated organizations such as Catholic hospitals and universities should also be excluded from the health-insurance requirement, even though many of their employees aren’t Catholic. (Houses of worship were already exempt).

It’s Trust Women Week!

2011 brought an unprecedented assault by anti-abortion and anti-contraception state legislatures on women’s reproductive health—135 reproductive rights laws were enacted in 36 states, 68 percent of which restrict access to abortion. Reproductive-rights groups are fighting back with a simple but powerful pro-choice message: Trust women.

Trust Women in 2012!

The official toll from 2011’s War on Women is in. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a record-breaking 92 new state-level restrictions on abortion were passed last year, the most ever. In response, reproductive-rights groups hope to make 2012 the year that women fought back—and won.

Honk for Saudi Women on International Human Rights Day!

Today is International Human Rights Day, and this year there is much to celebrate. 2011 has been an extraordinary year for human rights activism worldwide, as the UN points out: This year, millions of people decided the time had come to claim their rights. They took to the streets and demanded change. Many found their […]

UPDATE: Another Victory in Rape Is Rape Campaign–Just One Hurdle Left!

Yesterday we reported that a critical vote on the fate of the “forcible rape” definition was scheduled to occur at the FBI Advisory Policy Board (APB) meeting in Albuquerque, N.M. As expected, the APB cast its vote. And it was unanimous in favor of adopting the new definition. After months of raising awareness and generating […]

UPDATE: FBI to Cast Key Vote on “Forcible Rape” Today

After a massive grassroots feminist campaign launched by the Women’s Law Project, the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) and Ms. urging the FBI to update its 82-year-old, impossibly narrow definition of “forcible rape” in the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), a key vote is scheduled to be cast today at an FBI Advisory Policy Board meeting in […]

NEWS BRIEF: Personhood USA Likens Itself to Civil Rights Movement

Personhood USA, the group behind the anti-abortion ballot initiative strategy so absurd that it has never come close to passing, wants you to know it’s not giving up. The group, which agitates for fertilized eggs to be declared “people” with full legal rights, is undeterred despite Tuesday’s defeat of such a “personhood” amendment by a margin […]