NEWS BRIEF: Global Population Hits 7 Billion

Today, according to projections from the United Nations Population Fund, the global population hit 7 billion—a number that continues to grow by more than 200,000 a day. As Ms. reported in the latest issue (on newsstands now or available here), the increasingly steep climb in the Earth’s population raises serious concerns about sustainability. The Feminist […]

An Open Letter to Ben and Jerry

Earlier this month, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company announced their latest zany frozen concoction–“Schweddy Balls.” The ice cream is named for a fictional treat from a 1990s Saturday Night Live sketch in which Alec Baldwin played a chef named Pete Schweddy, appearing on a fictional NPR show called “Delicious Dish” to talk about his […]

Feminists: The FBI Is Listening to You

As our regular readers know, over the past several months Ms. and our publisher, the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), have been waging a campaign to get the FBI to change the archaic “forcible rape” definition that’s used in the annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR). We teamed up with in June to help get the word […]

Editors’ Picks, #HERvotes Edition

Over the past few days, dozens of leading feminists from all walks of life have shared personal stories, compelling essays, policy solutions and calls to action in an effort to mobilize women voters in 2012. So many have raised their voices that even if you have been following the HERvotes blog carnival, there are probably […]