This Is My Body, Not Yours

A video posted on Vimeo just over a week ago shows several women speaking on behalf of their bodies and their lives. The campaign is asking other women to  contribute their own monologues. Each women declares, in turn “This is my body, not yours,” as they speak out against measures being taken to strip women of  basic human rights.

The video portrays women of all colors and backgrounds, each speaking about their control of their own lives and bodies, and they do it powerfully.

Underneath there is a link to a Facebook page where there is more information and a request  for more women to post their own videos. The page states clearly the goal of the  campaign: equal rights for all women now.

The women in the video speak directly about access to abortions, access to birth control and the cutting of Planned Parenthood funding from the Susan G. Komen  Foundation, which directly affected women needing breast cancer screening.

The women bring up things women around the country face every day—harassment when they try to hold control over their own bodies and laws that  block them from choosing their own health care routes.

“I am done being excluded from decisions about my sexual and reproductive  health,” says one woman.

“I will not be quiet, I will not wait my turn, I will not heed you,” says  another. “I know my physical and mental strength, and I do not fear you.”

The video ends with the declaration that we now live in a world where women know their power and their voice. This is an excellent showcase of just  that.

Reprint courtesy of Care2.

Photo from Jason Stefaniak‘s “This Is My Body” public service announcement via Vimeo.