No Comment: Target Practice on the Scantily Clad Zombie Ex-Girlfriend

-1“Be warned, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but a man scorned is nothing to mess with!”

For less than $100 you can now buy “The Ex” for target practice, a life-sized mannequin of a woman that bleeds when you shoot it. The product is “hand painted … to give you that realistic look.” To represent a zombie’s brains-hunting lifestyle, all bleeding targets come with a pre-painted red smear dribbling down the model’s mouth.

The company marketing this atrocity, Zombie Industries, specializes in making targets that look like zombies to help “prepare for the next Zombie outbreak.” Zombie targets also come in models such as “terrorist” and “Nazi.”

Zombie Industries claims to have made “The Ex” in order to have all groups of undead monsters represented. The company also states that “to discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist.”

Yes, there are 15 male versions of the bleeding zombie target. Zombie Industries, however, doesn’t make an “Ex” that is a man.

Photo of “The Ex” zombie target via Zombie Industries


Ponta Abadi, a graduate of the University of Oregon, is a former Ms. intern. Follow her on Twitter.