We Heart: Aziz Ansari’s #WhatAFeministLooksLike Moment

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 3.08.52 PMIt looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Legend will have to make room in the male feminist celeb club because Aziz Ansari came out as a feminist to Late Show host David Letterman on Monday night.

Explaining why he’s a feminist—and offering a perfect definition of the word—the Parks and Recreation star used Beyoncé as an example, saying:

You’re a feminist if you go to a Jay Z and Beyoncé concert, and you’re not like, ‘Mmm, I feel like Beyoncé should get 23 percent less money than Jay Z. Also, I don’t think Beyoncé should have the right to vote, and why is Beyoncé singing and dancing? Shouldn’t she make Jay a steak? I’m sure he’s very tired after walking and rapping those two songs.’

The reason for Ansari’s newly discovered feminism? His feminist girlfriend, celebrity chef Courtney McBroom. Ansari said she opened his eyes to gender inequality and made him to want to learn more about issues that affect women.

Venting his frustrations about the stigma surrounding the f-word, Ansari joked about how “people think feminist means [that] some woman is gonna start yelling at ’em.” He told Letterman,

If you believe that men and women have equal rights, if someone asks if you’re a feminist, you have to say yes. Because that is how words work.

Geez, Aziz. Like we needed another reason to love you. We hope you’ll take our #WhatAFeministLooksLike challenge and sport one of our famous t-shirts on social media!




Associate editor of Ms. magazine