Laverne Cox’s Most Fearless Quotes on Trans Acceptance

As TIME magazine said on its iconic cover last year featuring trans actor Laverne Cox, we are at a “transgender tipping point.”

The challenges that trans individuals face, such as higher rates of joblessness, homelessness and violence, are finally being pushed into the national dialogue in a way they haven’t been before. That is due to the tireless activism of trans advocates past and present, including Sylvia Rivera, Renée Richards and Lourdes Ashley Hunter. Thanks to their work, pop culture representations of the trans reality are changing, as evidenced in the complexities of Cox’s character in the hit Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black.

As today (well actually yesterday, thanks to Netflix deciding to break the internet a little early) is the season three premiere of OITNB, we decided to find some of the most spot-on trans positive quotes from its breakout star, Laverne Cox.




Associate editor of Ms. magazine