Alabama Needs a Plan C

Let’s talk about Alabama.

What happened this week is cruel, ugly and misogynistic. Doctors are being criminalized for helping pregnant people make choices around their bodies and their futures and for providing a basic medical service. Roe is most definitely at risk.

But this is a galvanizing moment, too. It’s go time—to ensure every person in Alabama, and throughout the U.S., understands what abortion pills are and how people are self-managing their bodily autonomy right now, every day, all around the world.

Plan C manages a “report card” that lists online pharmacies that reliably ship abortion pills, and the Plan C website directs people to trusted information about safely and effectively self-managing an abortion. (Facts: it’s safer than Viagra. It’s been around for 20 years. And millions of people self-manage every year.)

The #21stCenturyAbortion is here—and people are taking matters into their own hands to complete self-managed abortions safely via five little pills, which we do our best to provide people access to. Our website allows people to make their own choices, armed with the best information available.

Sharing the report card and Plan C’s website,, on social and with your friends and family will help us reach everyone in the U.S. with information about self-managing an abortion. Donations allow our small-but-mighty organization to lead the self-care movement and maintain an up-to-date report card while Roe is still in place.

Together, with this information and the power of our voices, we can move the conversation from fear and anger toward an empowering solution—one that too many people don’t even know exists.

The old system doesn’t work. Let’s create a future that includes self-care, control and equal access for all.


Amy Merrill is the Communications Director at Plan C. In addition to over a dozen years of working in nonprofit management, she co-founded the impact travel collective Journey, is active in the anti-trafficking movement and is currently part of the post-apocalyptic space duo Formerly Alien and co-founder and producer of The 7 Train Sessions guerilla concert series. Amy got her MA in nonprofit management from NYU Stern/Steinhardt and her BA in Music & English at UC Berkeley.