SNEAK PEEK: Ms.’s Spring Issue Takes You to the Front Lines of the War on Women

In the Spring issue of Ms., we examine the backlash against feminist progress in the U.S.—from increasing restrictions on abortions at the state level, to restrictions on voting rights, to attacks on LGBTQ rights, and more. Researchers Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Marks investigate how threats to women’s autonomy and civil liberties impact and mirror larger political trends—from Texas to Afghanistan and beyond. They conclude free and empowered women are a threat to authoritarianism worldwide—and the autocrats know it.

When the fate of women’s rights is tied to the fate of democracy—and when both are in dire straits—how can we help secure both? 

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Here’s a glimpse at what else you’ll find inside the upcoming Spring issue:

  • A conversation with two Afghan women leaders—one who chose to stay, and one who chose to leave—in the wake of their country’s fall to Taliban rule. “A life abroad is not something I am looking for,” says Fawzia Koofi, who fled Afghanistan last year. “Every day I’m with hope that tomorrow I will hear something positive and encouraging, so that I [can] go back.” 

  • A special report on how women are accessing medication abortion in the face of mounting state-level restrictions on in-clinic abortions and this summer’s impending Roe v. Wade reversal. Telehealth abortion services, which research has shown to be safe and effective, can cost as little as $150, and help increase abortion access for many facing geographic, legal or financial barriers to other abortion services.

  • And, we pay tribute to Harriet Tubman on the 200th anniversary of her birth — with our series celebrating her legacy as a liberator, abolitionist, diviner, healer, nurse, naturalist, freedom fighter, military raid leader, spy, scout, suffragist, daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, friend and national icon.

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Katherine Spillar is the executive director of Feminist Majority Foundation and executive editor of Ms., where she oversees editorial content and the Ms. in the Classroom program.