Spring 2024 Sneak Peek: Let Women Die?

“It’s not safe to be pregnant in Idaho.”

—Gail Deady, senior staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights

In the Spring 2024 issue of Ms., reporter Belle Taylor-McGhee digs into a pending Supreme Court case brought by the Justice Department against Idaho on behalf of patients who need care at hospital emergency rooms due to pregnancy complications, arguing that the state’s law banning abortion at all stages of pregnancy violates the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, or EMTALA. The Supreme Court’s decision, expected in June or July, will determine the fate of women suffering potentially fatal pregnancy complications and will have life-or-death ramifications for women in any state with extreme abortion bans in place.

The Supreme Court is also hearing a case that we fear could be the next Dobbs. Ms. contributor Carrie N. Baker outlines the potential devastating outcomes of a lawsuit led by a group of anti-abortion doctors and dentists against the FDA’s approval of the abortion pill mifepristone.

Even so, feminists are not without recourse. In a huge win for abortion rights, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that a ban on Medicaid funding for the procedure discriminates against women in violation of the state’s Equal Rights Amendment. “It’s really beautiful,” Susan J. Frietsche of the Women’s Law Project told our reporter.

We agree.

Here’s a glimpse at what else you’ll find within the pages of the upcoming issue:

  • Explaining men: For the fate of our democracy, it’s time to offer American men a new narrative—and mobilize men as men in service of progressive, liberal and feminist ideals.
  • Drawing the line: The ongoing battle against gerrymandering will determine whose votes have value, whose voices are heard and what public policy ideas on issues (including women’s rights!) stand a chance of becoming law.
  • Eyewitness in Afghanistan: In an excerpt from her new book, Dr. Sima Samar reflects on the May 2021 school bombing that killed nearly 100 schoolgirls. She writes, “While there had been other attacks, and children had been killed before, the assault on girls leaving their school was like a rumbling coming from the core of the earth.”

…and so much more awaits you in the Spring issue.

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Camille Hahn is the managing editor at Ms. In her 15-plus years with the magazine, she has served as research editor, associate editor, features editor, copyeditor and proofreader. Previously, she worked as an associate editor at Bon Appétit. She lives in Davis, Calif.