Maria Bello Can Take a Punch

Who would want to watch a show where, in the pilot, the female protagonist gets beaten in an alley until she’s bloody? You’re probably assuming that she was a victim of a crime. On the contrary. Maria Bello plays Jane Timoney, a police officer in New York City, and in the aforementioned scene she’s the […]

Laying the Smackdown on HIS Candy Ass

There is nothing more awkward than watching a guy beg for a woman’s number, even for the sake of comedy. No, especially for the sake of comedy. The now-viral video “Laying the SmackDown on Her Candy Ass – Get Her Number!”–whose popularity was helped by it being tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and The Rock–shows a bunch […]

Stop Hitting on Me.

I’ve been unsure of how to approach this topic. But I think it must be said. Just because I am a young woman and I am alone does not give you permission to start hitting on me. I don’t want your attention. I just want a cup of coffee. I just want to pick up […]