Moroccan Abortion Mission A Success Despite Blockade

Nothing could stop the ship of Women on Waves, not even the Moroccan navy. In the late afternoon of October 4, after Moroccan police and local authorities had shut down the harbor of Smir, the Dutch abortion activists Women on Waves revealed that the ship they had sent to Morocco to provide abortion pills in international waters was […]

Women on Waves Arrives in Morocco

UPDATE: Moroccan authorities prevented all access by residents to the Women on Waves ship. The ship was also searched by the authorities, and the ship’s captains were told they had to leave the harbor although nothing incriminating was found. The ship will stay near Morocco as Women on Waves plans its next move. The Dutch […]

Women on Waves Sets Sail For Morocco

The Dutch NGO Women on Waves announced last Friday that it will sail to Morocco with its abortion-providing ship at the invitation of M.A.L.I (Mouvement alternatif pour les libertés individuelles). Twelve miles from Moroccan territory, in international waters, Women on Waves can provide safe and legal abortions according to Dutch law. According to the World Health Organization […]