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Listening to Learn: How to Be An Ally to Muslim Women

75 community members greeted each other and quietly took their seats as Muslim women were given microphones. For two hours of uninterrupted time, the speakers shared about their lives, their faith, the challenges they face and ways everyone in the room could be allies.

Elizabeth Warren Slams Republicans for Attacking Women’s Health Care

Thank you, Senator Warren, for setting the record straight—and hearing the rallying cries of millions of women who will not stop fighting for their lives.

Feminist Leaders Come Together to #StopTrumpcare

Leaders from Feminist Majority, National Women’s Law Center, In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, National Organization for Women and the Women’s March on Washington came together today to discuss the dangers posed to women by Trumpcare—and to devise a plan to stop it.

Nine Gains for Women Made Possible by Title IX

With the passage of Title IX—45 years ago today—came the advancement of women and girls, and the pathway to further victories against sex discrimination.

This Problem is Bigger Than Uber

With the opportunity to hire a new CEO comes the opportunity for Uber to take the lead on combatting the tech sector’s culture of misogyny and correcting its endemic lack of diversity.

What Texas’ Fetus Funeral Law Means for Women’s Health

Women will now be required to hold burial or funeral services for their unborn fetuses in Texas—and could face criminal penalties for accessing abortion care in the state.

Chelsea Clinton and Cecile Richards Urged Women to Take Action on Trumpcare

Clinton and Richards told a crowd at BlogHer that despite messages from the current administration, women’s voices do matter.

The Future of U.S. Leadership in Ending Gender-Based Violence in Emergencies

It is vital that the U.S. continue to act to prevent violence against women and girls already suffering from conflict and violence.

This is What Feminist Philanthropy Looks Like

Rutgers University last week announced the historic creation of the Gloria Steinem Endowed Chair in Media, Culture and Feminist Studies—a position made possible by a three-year, $3 million campaign involving over 400 donors.

Seven Ways the Senate Healthcare Bill Hurts Women

Trumpcare will leave millions uninsured—and furthers the Trump administration’s war on women’s health.

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