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Inside Our Fall 2017 Issue

Fighting for Their Lives

In their first U.S. interview, Spain’s hunger strikers against gender violence tell Ms. what motivates them.

TAKE ACTION: Urge Business Leaders to Break Their Silence on Abortion Rights

Business leaders said nothing as 28 states this year alone introduced bills to ban all or some abortions. Challenge them to break their silence—and save women’s lives.

Closing Time at the Boys’ Club

I first confronted the “boys’ club” 20 years ago. Today, it’s still alive and well.

Young Feminists from Los Angeles to Kathikhera are Fighting for Global Menstrual Equity

Young feminists in southern California are working with women and girls in India to fight period stigma and help increase access to menstrual products. We talked to five of them about their activism and their motivation.

When Immigration Becomes a Pathway to Exploitation

Paola came to the U.S. with a legal work visa but suffered exploitation and trafficking. She escaped, reported and cooperated with a law enforcement investigation. And she has spent more than four months and counting in detention.

The High Cost of Cash Bail

A movement to revise the bail systems is spreading across the U.S. like wildfire, and women are carrying the torches. 

One Family’s Trip Through the History of U.S. Racism

Little did I know when we set out on the trip that the scab of racial hatred would be torn off once again this summer over Confederate statues. Uncannily, we found ourselves in southern locales that frighteningly mirror the past with events of the present.

I Was My Boyfriend’s Servant: How I Escaped Financial Abuse

I’d slip on a tight dress, nylons and heels and walk the seven blocks to his apartment. I washed his dishes; cleaned every inch of his counters; scrubbed the inside of his fridge, removing a moldy mess in one of the drawers. I cleaned everything I could find in his tiny bathroom. I did his laundry once a week at the laundromat across the street. I scratched a record of all my hours on a little yellow notepad with a broken pencil.  

Polish Police Invaded the Offices of Feminist Activists After a Pro-Choice Protest

On October 2, thousands of activists marched in Poland in protest of the nation’s repressive abortion laws. The next day, Polish police invaded the offices of two feminist groups—seizing files and computers and shutting down their operations. The Women’s Rights Centre, which advocates for legal and policy changes to ensure equal rights for all genders, and […]

Stanford Makes Space to Reflect on Sexual Assault

The site near the Kappa Alpha fraternity house where former Stanford student Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman in January 2015 has been turned into what the University’s student newspaper the Stanford Daily is calling a “scenic spot.” 

Feminist Embroiderer Isabel Bürger is Stitching Away Period Stigma

Isabel Bürger has taken to Instagram to fight against the stigmatization of menstruation—by stitching delicate and powerful embroideries that depict periods on bodies of shapes and sizes. She talked to Ms. about her work, her inspiration and confronting menstrual blood.

War on Women Report No. 7

This week, the Trump administration came under fire for attacking voting rights, nominating a white supremacist to the federal bench and employing an aide with a 20-year tenure as a racist and sexist under his belt. Amidst those reports, Trump put DACA—and DREAMers—at risk, dismantled the ACA and threatened to leave Puerto Rico without relief.

Attorneys General are Suing the Trump Administration to Protect Birth Control Access

Feminist leaders were swift to fight back against the Trump administration’s new rules watering-down contraceptive coverage under the ACA—and so were Attorneys General in four states.

This Week in Women: Hollywood’s Sexism is Bigger Than Its Latest Scandal

Women journalists broke this story—and now, women journalists  are pushing their audiences to see Hollywood’s latest sexual abuse scandal as bigger than Harvey Weinstein. Of course it is. 

Will 2017 Be the Year of Hollywood’s Feminist Reckoning?

The kinds of stories women are telling about Harvey Weinstein and other men in entertainment aren’t new. But something is different now: The accused are facing consequences.

The Harvey Weinstein Allegations Are More Than a Scandal—They’re a Call to Arms

Let the Harvey Weinstein scandal be a call to arms. Let it be the last hand-wringing and the next reckoning. I want us all to be so furious that it inspires real, tangible change.

Feminist Fix: Jemele Hill, Rose McGowan and Malala Aren’t Backing Down

Afghanistan’s only female Governor was pushed out of her post by sexism, menstruation stories in India are smashing stigma, Gloria Steinem and Sady Doyle on Harvey Weinstein, “Jessica Jones” just got even more feminist, a new study shows the scary distance between choice and access, Justin Trudeau on raising feminist sons and other feminist links!

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