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When Fashion Makes a Statement

Denim Day is tomorrow!

Going on the Offensive for Abortion Rights

Advocates in red states are switching gears. They’re not just pushing back against anti-choice laws—they’re proposing pro-choice legislation of their own.

NEWSFLASH: Fox News Facing Expanded Racial Discrimination Suit

Next week, seven Black Fox News employees will join a racial discrimination suit filed last month by two other employees.

We Need Women Like You in Public Office

Don’t wait for three people to tell you to run. Just wait until you can—and then fight to make a difference in your community.

Q&A: Ivette Cabrera on Celebrating Women’s Power

“It takes a lot of resilience to be a women, even more than we are given credit for, but I think that if we inspire a new generation of girls that see their potential then we can develop better societies for future generations to come.”

Inside the Women-Led Global Alliance to Save the Planet

15 women mayors from major cities are determined to act against climate change, whether or not their federal governments join them.

Action Figures “For Girls” Aren’t Good Enough

Imagine one toy aisle that encompassed all types of doll, irregardless of gender. No pink-and-fluffy vs. dark-and-angry divide. More variety, color and choice.

10 Anti-Feminist Quotes from Stephen Miller, White House Women’s Issues Advisor

Stephen Miller, a lifelong anti-feminist, will now be working alongside Ivanka Trump on women’s issues in the White House.

Woman Forcibly Taken to Saudi Arabia While Seeking Asylum

Dina Ali Lasloom, a 24-year-old Saudi woman, was attempting to seek asylum in Australia last week before she was detained at the airport in Manila, Philippines and forcibly sent back to Saudi Arabia against her will.

Healthy Pregnancies Are Essential

Sacrificing care for pregnant women to satisfy Republican rhetoric is wrong. For moms and babies, health insurance is about more than politics–it’s a matter of life and death.

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