“Women’s Work”: How the Devaluation of Care Work Hurts Women and the Economy

Dismissed as “women’s work”—that is, not “really” work—taking care of children, attending to housework, and/or caring for the sick and elderly is both socially and economically invisible labor. It carries little prestige and, for those who do it for a living, very little pay. Yet, as pandemic life and the shrinking economy remind us, it is crucial, demanding labor. Without it, our economy does not function at the household nor at the national level.

Biden’s ‘U.S. Citizenship Act’ Makes Immigration Everybody’s Concern

In his latest effort to reset America’s immigration policies, President Biden introduced a new legislative proposal to dramatically overhaul the immigration system: The U.S. Citizenship Act. The proposal focuses on eliminating current visa backlogs, increasing opportunities for temporary legal employment, strengthening worker protections and addressing the root causes of migration from Central America.

Biden Has Already Reset the Focus of the U.S. Immigration System for the Better

In an extraordinary series of executive orders and other actions taken on Inauguration Day, President Joe Biden reset the focus of the nation’s immigration system, directing the country’s attention to the value and importance of welcoming immigrants.

This is a sharp contrast to the last four years, in which the Trump administration sought at every turn to demonize immigrants, portray the nation as under attack from outsiders, and bang the drum for nativism and extremism.

Deportation Would Mean Death for My Client. We’re Fighting for His Fair Shot at Asylum

Dozens of Cameroonian asylum-seekers have been deported via “death flights” back to Cameroon, as the Trump administration rushes to clear African migrants out of the country during its final weeks in office. I hope we get a fair shot to explain why my Cameroonian client David is so clearly deserving of asylum—but I am no longer going to take it for granted that ICE will comply with the law.