Feminists Reflect on the Legacy of Pat Schroeder 


On Wednesday, March 22, 2023, the House of Representatives will honor former Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder with a moment of silence, which will occur during or immediately after first votes at approximately 6:30 p.m. EDT. On this same day in 1992, the Congress passed a final Equal Rights Amendment resolution to send to the states for ratification. 

In honor of this one minute—60 seconds—of silence, Ms. online is posting 60 short tributes from people who knew and admired Pat Schroeder including President Biden, Vice President Harris, Speaker Emerita Pelosi as well as interns, staff members and a few media remembrances.

Since the news broke about Pat Schroeder’s death on March 14, there have been thousands of tributes, obituaries, tweets and social media postings in her honor. She is described as a maverick, pioneer, feminist champion, trailblazer, fearlessly independent politician, and an icon and role model for many elected officials, men and women. Link here to read our tribute.

We agree—but for the feminist movement, Pat Schroeder was much more. She was a member of Congress not just for the people in Denver, but for feminists across the United States.


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