Ms. magazine examines new options for abortion pills


“While mifepristone’s future is shaky, women and pregnant people can still access misoprostol, a highly effective and medically safe method to end an early pregnancy,” Carrie Baker writes in an analysis for Ms. magazine.

An individual federal judge in Texas will soon decide the fate for the FDA approved abortion medication, mifepristone. 

Knowing of your interest in this case, you likely will find new information about the future of medication abortions in a recent piece by Carrie Baker, Ms. contributing editor, entitled: As Conservatives Try to Ban the Abortion Pill Mifepristone, New Research Shows Accessible Ulcer Drug Safely Ends Pregnancy Up to 12 Weeks

The article provides extensive details about the research, possible access to the drug after the Texas judge’s ruling and how the medication has been used in other countries. Link here for the full online feature piece. 

Carrie Baker is available for an interview by emailing her at or calling Ms. magazine at (310)-556-2515.