Women Are Animals Too, PETA

I love animals, but sometimes I really dislike PETA. The organization has become more consumed with garnering publicity and money and doesn’t seem to care how much they offend people. (We’re animals too, you know?) The latest in what has been a long string of questionable ad campaigns by PETA features Dancing with the Stars‘ contestant, […]

No Comment: Lush Protests Torture of Animals with Simulated Torture of Woman

We’ve long ceased to be surprised by PETA’s tendency to fetishize violence against women and objectify us in their ad campaigns. But now Lush, the British cosmetics chain we thought was ethical and progressive, has decided to follow suit. The company is circulating a video of a publicity stunt–oops, we mean, “performance art”–filmed at its flagship U.K. […]

Dear Salon.com: Veganism Isn’t an Eating Disorder

While reading an article on Salon.com, I became distracted by a sidebar entitled, “Glee‘s mysteriously shrinking Rachel.” I enjoy reading criticisms of how awful Glee is as much as the next blogger, so I clicked.  First, in the subhed, the article tries to connect Glee actor Lea Michele’s shrinking body to the quality of the […]

We Heart: Temple Grandin

For an autistic woman who “thinks like a cow,” Temple Grandin has certainly affected millions of humans. Last Sunday at the 62nd Emmy Awards, Temple Grandin, the made-for-HBO movie about the bestselling author and livestock expert, won five Emmys, including best lead actress (for Claire Danes playing Grandin) in a mini-series/movie. Now, more than ever, Grandin is, […]