Do We Hail Yale, Or Are The Men There Just (Bull)Dogs?

Last fall, the nation was shocked to learn that frat guys at Yale were parading around campus chanting “No means yes! Yes means anal!” Even more shocking was an apparent pattern of such ritual marches, a pattern that included a rally in front of the campus women’s center with a poster that read “We Love […]

Gay Bashing is About Masculinity

The tragic suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi has led to a wave of national hand-wringing anguish about the daily torture and humiliations suffered by young gays and lesbians. An article in The New York Times expanded the conversation to include the stories of several other gay teens who recently committed suicide, such as Seth […]

Dispatches from Guyland: Best Places for Men

According to Men’s Health, the colleges that are best for men are those where feminism is weakest and men can therefore just relax and enjoy themselves. “Best” means fewest challenges to privilege, the most coddling by administrators and the least diverse course offerings.

Dispatches from Guyland

I believe that feminism offers men an opportunity to live the lives we say we want to live–lives animated by greater integrity, by closer relationships with our families, our partners, our friends. Now all we have to do is something we’ve never been very good at: Ask for directions.