11 Holiday Gift Ideas for Kickass Feminists

Holiday shopping is problematic for many reasons (hi, capitalism and exploitative advertising!) But if you do plan to give gifts this season, why not stick it to the patriarchy and shell out your hard-earned bucks for thoughtful feminist items? Whether it’s a gift for a friend or yourself, consider purchasing eco-friendly and fair-trade products, or shopping with companies that […]

Breaking Down the Pink Aisle/Blue Aisle Barrier

If you’re still thinking about last-minute shopping, it’s not too late to stop and consider the No Gender December campaign from Australian organization Play Unlimited. While their tagline, “Stereotypes Have No Place Under My Christmas Tree,” presumes everyone is celebrating one holiday this season, their message is one that’s gone global.

The Privilege of Christmas Carols

It’s that holly, jolly time of year again when the festive patriarchy and cultural majority rises up and celebrates itself for its good-spirited, happy camaraderie. A time when we sing in hearty chorus, celebrating the triumphs and tribulations overcome by our favorite heroes, chipper and forward-looking, pulling themselves up by their red-and-green-striped bootstraps. Don’t get […]

‘Tis the Season to be Hungry

As we dip into the holiday season and prepare to bake or fry our turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, more than 47 million Americans will feel harsher pangs of food insecurity.  On Nov. 1, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program’s (SNAP) benefits from the 2009 stimulus package will terminate, cutting the amount of federal assistance to the […]

Put Down That Barbie! A (Non-Gendered) Gift Guide for Girls

Dress-up wedding collections for your little “bride-to-be.” Pretty LEGOs to help her build beauty shops. Dolls skinnier than Barbie and sexier than Bratz. Pink vacuum cleaners and cleaning trolleys, makeup kits and kitchen sets. I spoke with Jennifer Pozner, founder and executive director of Women in Media and News, about the effects of toy gendering […]

Who Do We Thank for Thanksgiving? A Woman, Of Course

We all know the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” But few know that the author of that ditty, Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788-1879) was also the person who lobbied five presidents over the course of 17 years until Abraham Lincoln finally agreed to name Thanksgiving a U.S. holiday in 1863. Prior to that, […]