WATCH: Why Los Angeles Marched

The Los Angeles organizing team put together a Women’s March PSA spotlighting people who come from all walks of life. For some, the march honored the legacies of their mothers—for others, it marked the beginning of their activism.

Rape: It’s Your Fault!

TRIGGER WARNING: Depictions of sexual assault and violence against women The darkly satirical video, “Ladies, It’s Your Fault”, was released by Indian comedy collective All India Backchod (backtalk) over the weekend and has since gone viral. Starring well-known Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin and video jockey/model Juhi Pande, the English-language video has reached over a million views […]

We Heart: Men Against Rape

Summertime is bikinis, beer, beach trips and late nights. Everyone is ready to relax, have fun and enjoy the heat. Women staying out late in foreign places dressed in tight, skimpy clothes with some alcohol in their systems are often warned to be smart and aware of their surroundings. These type of warnings stem from the idea that if women […]