Ryan Gosling: Feminist?

Most students can recall at least one point in their academic careers when they found themselves secluded in a corner of the library, coffee in hand, cramming for a big test. University of Wisconsin graduate student Danielle Henderson was in a similar situation, struggling to remember and differentiate among numerous feminist theories. So she came up […]

Reevaluating How and Why Women Watch Sports

Amid celebrating the 40th anniversary of Title IX this year and the Olympic Games, a study addressing women’s media consumption of sports has sparked some controversy. “Women (Not) Watching Women: Leisure Time, Television and Implications for Televised Coverage of Women’s Sports,” recently published in the journal Communication, Culture & Critique, centered on the question, “Why, […]

Olympian Leisel Jones Proves the Body-Image Sexists Wrong

Leisel Jones is the first Australian swimmer to compete in four Olympic Games. She has earned eight Olympic medals during her swimming career, three of which were gold medals. This morning in London, the 26-year-old was “so proud” to finish fifth in the 100m breaststroke final, which was won by 15-year-old Lithuanian swimmer Ruta Meilutyte. Unfortunately […]

WATCH: “1 is 2 Many” PSA

Vice President Joe Biden, Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player David Beckham, Houston Rockets basketball player Jeremy Lin and New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning are some of the men who have come together to raise awareness of dating violence. A PSA titled “1 is 2 Many” was launched by Vice President Biden earlier this summer as part of his plan to address the responsibility […]

Women Olympians Outnumber Men on USA Teams

For the first time, the United States will send more women athletes than men to the Olympic Games, which begin on July 27 in London. Of the 530 U.S. Olympians competing at the London 2012 Games, there will be 269 women and 261 men on Team USA, according to the official team roster released by the […]

Saudi Women Will Not Be Competing In Olympics

Just last week, there were hopes that all countries participating in the London Olympic Games would be represented by both men and women athletes. Apparently what seemed an achievable goal was too ambitious for 2012. No women from Saudi Arabia qualified to participate in the Olympics, despite the conservative Islamic country allowing women to compete […]

We Heart: Men Against Rape

Summertime is bikinis, beer, beach trips and late nights. Everyone is ready to relax, have fun and enjoy the heat. Women staying out late in foreign places dressed in tight, skimpy clothes with some alcohol in their systems are often warned to be smart and aware of their surroundings. These type of warnings stem from the idea that if women […]

Top Women Athletes Are Just Lucky?

Men are skilled and committed, but women are only good-looking and lucky? According to a study conducted by the University of Delaware regarding NBC’s commentary at past Olympic Games, sexist statements dominate the feedback that fans are exposed to. Researcher James Angelini published the study this month in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media. As he explained, […]

Paper Dolls, Female Condoms and HIV

Zawadi, Juan, Aurora and Sookjay are four of the dolls that will be participating in the Paper Doll Campaign at the 19th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012), and they are currently traveling around the world to let people know about the importance of the female condom in preventing HIV. By collecting 30,000 paper dolls with messages […]