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End Patriarchy

The opportunities arising from this moment are countless. Let’s seize them.

This Week in Women: It’s Time to Talk About How Gender Shapes Gun Violence and Global Conflict

It’s time to close the “boyfriend loophole,” bring women to peace tables in Syria and stop erasing women’s rights from human rights.

War on Women Report No. 16

While Donald Trump, Jr., was using Twitter to signal support for conspiracy theorists claiming Parkland shooting survivors are “crisis actors,” his father—the President—was using the platform to discredit a woman accusing him of sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, Trump’s administration refuses to recognize abortion as a human right and no longer sees the U.S. as “a nation of immigrants.”

Team USA’s Women Athletes are Winning Big in PyeongChang

Team USA has moved up to fourth place in medals won at the 2018 Winter Olympics—and the nation has women to thank for it.

Legislation in South Carolina Would Give Fertilized Eggs Legal Rights (and Strip Women of Theirs)

The battle over abortion rights in South Carolina continued this week, with legislation moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee that intends to end legal abortion in the state.

Will the Senators I Serve Deport Me?

I don’t want to go back into the shadows. I want nothing more than the right to stay here and continue to contribute to my community and our economy.

A Lethal Combination

What we know about domestic abusers with guns—and how efforts to disarm them could prevent some mass shootings.

Teodora is Going Home

El Salvador’s Supreme Court commuted the sentence of a woman serving 30 years in prison for a stillbirth—declaring that “arguments of a legal nature, of justice and equity, justify her commutation.”

Love, Learning and Lockdowns

Part of being an excellent teacher is being prepared. But it’s difficult to prepare students for the possibility of violence, terror and mayhem.

On Editing Sister Love

I heard tell of the correspondence between Pat Parker and Audre Lorde before I sat down to have brunch with Martha Dunham.

What the Numbers Behind the #MeToo Movement Show Us

When the #MeToo stories began pouring out a few months ago, I thought: now is the time to procure the national data we are lacking on this issue.


From Silence to Culture Shift: Inside the Fight Against Sexual Harassment in Egypt

The #MeToo campaign that took the world by storm strongly resonated with women in Egypt—but their fight has far to go.

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