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What It’s Like to Be a Widow in Africa

Widows in many African cultures are subjected to dehumanizing cultural and ritual practices passed off as mourning rites.


What Intergenerational Feminist Activism Taught Us

This week, Lyn Mikel Brown’s Powered By Girl hits shelves. It’s a book about how adults can help girls organize for social and political change. It’s also a book about us.


The Abuse of Leslie Jones Shows Us How Tokenism Sets the Stage for Hate

We need to be vigilant about how unconscious tokenism affects the perception of black women in popular media and beyond.

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We Can’t Let Anti-Abortion Extremists Block Abortion Access in Oklahoma City

Trust Women South Wind’s clinic in Oklahoma City cannot wait—and neither can the patients who will soon rely on it for vital reproductive healthcare.


It’s Not the Earrings: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Leadership of Burma

This week, one of the most remarkable achievements by one of the age’s most remarkable leaders will occur with little fanfare in the West. It is widely accepted that this is true only because of Aung San Suu Kyi—yet critics refuse to credit her fairly for it.

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Maps Strengthen Disaster Relief and Progress Gender Equality

We take maps for granted in the developed world, particularly in the age of smart phones, but millions of people live in unmapped regions. Women need to be a vital part of fixing that.

A young woman participating in the Progressio International Citizen Service program

Women Speak Up About the Customs That Encourage Early Marriage and Childbirth in Zimbabwe

I conducted in-depth interviews in Zimbabwe to find out more about persisting social norms on sexual and reproductive health and rights there and who upholds them.

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“Remember the Ladies” on Women’s Equality Day

The visionary pioneers who campaigned for decades to make it possible did not achieve the vote in their lifetime.

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What If Women Had Never Won the Vote?

It’s undeniable: The 19th amendment has had a huge impact on American politics—especially in the past four decades. But what if it had never passed?


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