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Smash the Patriarchy: Inside the Winter 2018 Issue of Ms.

The Winter issue of Ms. zeroes in on the historic moment we’re watching unfold across the country—and around the world—as women force another much-needed reckoning around sexual harassment and assault.

Six Ways Trump’s Budget Proposal Hurts Women

Much of Trump’s budget target the same group that has been bearing the brunt of the administration’s bigotry and intolerance: women.

Flying Out of Bed

I know why I haven’t spoken about the violence that shaped my life. If the holding of pain is hard, the speaking of it to a world that does not want to hear is not a risk most of us will take.

What We Must Learn from Lucy Terry Prince

This is the story of a freed landowning slave woman from the 1700’s that has become an ever-more-timely instruction for all of us about the power of voice, the human imperative to witness and the reminder that we all must address injustice even when the stakes are high.

The Highest-Performing Women Are (Still) Scoring Lower Than Men on the SAT

53 percent of SAT test takers are women, but the gate-keeping college entrance exam is underestimating their ability to succeed.

The Horror Moves West

The heart of darkness, “the horror, the horror” of which Joseph Conrad warned, lies not in some distant jungle—but right here, in our midst.

Putting Periods on the Agenda

Andrew Cuomo’s push for free menstrual products in school restrooms for girls in New York state underscores how rapidly the menstrual equity movement has become politically favorable and mainstream.

Liberating Words: Is It Too Late For Me?

“be my own Woman?
put on high heels, high bun,
too high expectations.”

What the Global Community Can Learn from Korea’s Olympic Unification

In the midst of a “my nuclear button is bigger than yours” competition between the President of the United States and the North Korean Supreme Leader, the Unified Korean Women’s Hockey team is exactly the type of “sports diplomacy” the world needs right now.

The Fight that Follows Pain and Prejudice

The time to fight for women with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis—often called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome—who have been dismissed and ignored is now. Here’s how.

#KnowTheFlow: Gift-Wrapping Menstrual Equity for Valentine’s Day

No offense to all those romantic cliches, but everyone knows that buying items like boxes of chocolates isn’t a true measure of love. Buying a person a box of tampons, on the other hand? That’s when you know it’s real.


What Will Happen As More and More Women Tell the Truth About Their Lives—And the Sexism of Men in Power?

Breaking the silence is only the first step—but the stories women are opting to tell about men like Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein could mark giant leaps.

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