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Because a Period Should End a Sentence, Not a Girl’s Education

In developing countries throughout the world—including Afghanistan, Uganda and India—between 25 and 57 percent of adolescent girls miss school or drop out all together because of their periods. Girl activists from LA and a filmmaker have joined forces to change that.

Unearthing Histories of Love, Exile and Perseverance

Philosophically provocative, historically rich and interesting, The Weight of Ink is the perfect summer novel—balancing richly drawn characters with a driving, compelling plot.

Women Are The Key to Lasting Peace in Afghanistan

As the U.S. reconsiders its Afghanistan strategy, there has been shockingly little mention of the key to durable peace—women.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Decimate the Social Safety Net for California Women

These extreme attacks on Medicaid and the ACA are attacks on the nation’s social safety net.

Saudi Women and Girls Can Now Play Sports in Public Schools

Saudi Arabia has lifted its ban on sports for women and girls in public schools, increasing important access to physical activity in a country with stringent limitations placed on women.

10 Dos and Don’ts for White Guys in the Era of Trump

Fellow white guys: let’s stay engaged. Sustainably. Accountably.

Columbia University Settles with Alleged Rapist at Center of Emma Sulkowicz’s #CarryThatWeight Protest Piece

Columbia University has reached a settlement with former student Paul Nungesser following the aftermath of a sexual assault case that brought Columbia to the forefront of a national conversation about rape on college campuses.

A Moral Matter

Thousands of American nuns have come together to oppose Congressional efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, demonstrating that they are an indomitable force with a popular position that demands recognition.

Republican Men Want GOP Women Opposing Trumpcare “Vacuumed Out” of Congress and Dealt With “Aaron Burr-Style”

Sen. Blake Farenthold finds GOP women uncertain about Trumpcare “repugnant” and wants to challenge them to a duel. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee wants them “vacuumed out” of office. Online, the women of the GOP are called “witches” and “feminazis” and told they shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office.

Minimum Wage Workers Are Still Waiting for a Raise

Over 20 million workers in 21 states are still earning the outdated and unlivable federal minimum wage of $7.50 an hour. 40 percent of workers in those 21 states and 30 percent of workers nationally earn wages that leave them below the poverty line.

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