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The High-Stakes Election

A Return to Separate and Unequal: Education Equity is at Stake in the 2018 Elections

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the Education Department has been threatened with massive budget cuts, faced repeated risk of wholesale elimination and suffered many smaller blows adding up to significant injury— and students are feeling the pain.

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We Heart: The Website That Keeps Your Voter Registration Straight

With voting rights more under attack than ever, it’s important that everyone stay vigilant to ensure that their registrations remain active. That’s where Don’t Get Purged comes in—a new website that checks the voter rolls in your state so that you can be sure you’re all set for election day. 

Four Key Facts About Women Voters

Many have suggested that the gender gap is becoming a gender chasm. These four facts warn us that there’s more to the story.

Voters in Georgia and North Dakota are Fighting Back Against Voter Suppression in Advance of the Midterm Elections

New laws and policies in North Dakota and Georgia threaten to disenfranchise large numbers of Native American and Black voters in November—but with three weeks left until election day, activists are standing steadfast in the battle for the ballot.

Taylor Swift’s Wildest (Midterm) Dreams are Coming True

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift took the Internet by storm when she broke her career-long political silence on Instagram—and in the weeks since, hundreds of thousands of her followers heeded her call to get registered and get engaged in the midterm elections.

Raising Mavericks: Inside the New App Empowering Teen Girls to Speak Out

YouTube personalities, musicians, Olympians and activists are among the crowd of young girls using Maverick to tell the “best dad joke,” share feminist advice for young boys and even talk about their first period.

Women in Kenya Want Access to Quality Maternal Health Care

Accessibility to quality health care centers is a major issue that contributes to high maternal mortality rates in Kenya—and now, women across the country are demanding the care they need.

 Mississippi, God Damn!

Just one week after I set foot in America, I met Nina Simone—and the dream that I had sheltered since I was four years old began its journey toward reality.

Modern HERstory: Five Trailblazing Women and Girls Leading the Fight for Equality Worldwide

Despite making huge contributions to the liberation movements of the last century and today, these trailblazers come from backgrounds and communities that are traditionally overlooked and under-celebrated. These are their stories.

We Heart: The Video Series Telling the Stories of Young Feminist Voters

A new social media campaign by A Band of Voters is empowering activists to speak up about the issues that drive them to the polls.

Rumplestiltskin’s American Dream

I decide the paradox of choice lay in the fact that “Americans” don’t need an American dream, while ours was confined to a Hobson’s choice. I wonder why my citizenship certificate didn’t give me a fast pass to a dream my parents sacrificed everything for.

Beyond the Midterms: This Isn’t a Moment, It’s a Movement

Many of the stories told this year speak of a wave of women who woke up the day after the election and decided to run for office, but many women who have been preparing for this moment for years.

The Ms. Q&A: Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova Wants You to Read and Riot

Nadya Tolokonnikova is no stranger to speaking out. Ms. caught up with the internationally-renowned feminist firebrand to talk about her latest book, what she’s fighting for and her own revolution from within.

The Midterms and the Battle for the Ballot

One of the most important elections in a generation is less than a month away—and lawmakers in North Dakota, Georgia and Florida are now mounting desperate, last-minute attempts to silence the voices of their constituents.

Too Many Latina Women are Caught in the Deadly Intersections of Gun Violence and Domestic Violence

We can no longer go on like this. Our strength is in our numbers, our collective voice and our shared history of resilience. We must remember that in November.

To Menopause and Beyond

My personal journey through the transition we dare not discuss compels me to break the silence around menopause.

State of the Indignation: Behind-the-Scenes of a New Series Poking Fun at the Political Climate

Indignation depicts the challenges that come when three hilariously over-the-top characters—a humanitarian, a wealthy housewife and an ex-political aide—put themselves in charge of a brand-new country.

The Case for Gender Equality—On This Day and Every Other

We at Save the Children have put gender equality at the top of our agenda. On this International Day of the Girl, we’re calling on the U.S. government to do the same.

Rest in Power: Feminist Filmmaker Audrey Wells Brought Women’s Lives to the Big Screen

After a courageous and years-long battle with cancer, feminist filmmaker and activist Audrey Wells has passed away at 58 years old.

We Heart: The International Day of the Girl Anthems Celebrating Young Feminists Worldwide

Two girl-powered videos are taking the Internet by storm today as feminists around the world celebrate International Day of the Girl.

What Nadia Murad’s Nobel Peace Prize Means for War-Time Rape Survivors Around the World

Amal Clooney has remarked that Nadia Murad defied the labels life gave her—orphan, rape victim, refugee, slave—and instead created new ones—among them survivor, leader, advocate and author. Now, she has garnered one more: Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Daring to Remember is an ongoing series of stories about life in the years before Roe v. Wade and in the face of contemporary attacks on the right to abortionIn these uncertain times, we are fighting for Roe and safe, legal abortion access with our own testimonies about life without choice. We are daring to remember what a nation without safe, legal abortion access looks like.

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Daring to Remember: Stories of Women’s Lives Without Abortion Access

Daring to Remember: When Ann Called Jane

In the years before Roe, the women of the Jane Collective took the fight for abortion access into their own hands—literally.

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