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#SayHerName: Remembering Black Women and Girls Killed by Police

Aiyana Jones. Rekia Boyd. Tarika Wilson. Duanna Johnson. Kayla Moore. The list of black women and girls victimized by police violence stretches on endlessly. The simple act of speaking their names has power. It symbolizes a refusal to forget these women and who they were. It honors the lives they lived and the loved ones they left behind. And it is a resounding indictment of a police state where the deaths of black … [Read More...]


Why You MUST See Mad Max This Weekend

A version of this article originally appeared on Skirt Collective Much has been made of the call by Aaron Clarey in his piece “Why You Should Not Go See ‘Mad Max: Feminist Road.’” As many articles have discussed Clarey’s ridiculous, hyper-macho douchery, (for example, here, here and here), I will instead offer a counter call: Instead of “mancotting” the film as Clarey begs “real men and real … [Read More...]


Mission Possible—And Necessary and Long Overdue

If we listened to corporate lobbyists and conservative politicians, we’d spend our time dodging imaginary chunks of falling sky. Make sure all workers can earn paid sick days? Higher wages and equal pay? Protections for pregnant workers and an insurance fund so they and their partners have income when they give birth? Affordable, quality care for children and for the elderly? No way, they tell us—it’s … [Read More...]


This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

On Monday night, the Feminist Majority Foundation (publisher of Ms.) held its 10th annual Eleanor Roosevelt Global Women's Rights Awards honoring showrunners Shonda Rhimes and Jenji Kohan. The organization recognized the two women for changing the face of media and presenting female characters who defy stereotypes and reflect real women's lives. Cast members from the women's series—including Scandal, How To Get … [Read More...]


The Police Sex-Discrimination Case We Should Be Talking About

In December 2013, Colorado Springs' Chief of Police Peter Carey introduced a physical abilities test (also known as a PAT) that all officers were required to pass. It involved push-ups, sit-ups and running exercises. The stated goal of the test was to create a "culture of fitness" on the force and to reduce work-related injuries, ostensibly ensuring longer careers for officers. But after 38 percent of the department's … [Read More...]


Deflategate v. Domestic Violence: The NFL Fumbles (Again!)

On Tuesday, in the wake of National Football League mega scandal Deflategate, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey mused, "I sure wish that the NFL would spend about a tenth of the time that it's spending on this on issues of domestic violence and sexual assault." She has a point. On the one hand, deflating a few footballs earned New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady a four-game suspension and his team $1 … [Read More...]



We Heart: The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers

There are more than 3,500 “crisis pregnancy centers” across the country—you likely have one in your community. CPCs are faux clinics staffed by people with little to no medical training and are often located near abortion clinics. The staff provide false information about pregnancy to women in an attempt to dissuade them from obtaining abortions. […]


We Heart: Taylor Swift’s Feminist Evolution

Taylor Swift’s feminist evolution continues. Just last year, she had a “feminist awakening” and embraced the label after years of side-stepping the issue in interviews. She credited her friend, Girls creator Lena Dunham, with her change of heart, saying Dunham made her realize she had been a feminist all along. Now she’s speaking out even more, […]


Shonda Rhimes and Jenji Kohan Honored at 2015 Global Women’s Rights Awards

The Feminist Majority Foundation’s 10th annual Global Women’s Rights Awards on May 18 were a star-studded affair. Actors from Grey’s Anatomy, Orange Is the New Black, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and more showed their love for showrunners Shonda Rhimes and Jenji Kohan, who were being honored by FMF for changing the face of […]


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Is Your OB-GYN a Member of this Anti-Choice Group?

Anti-choice obstetricians and gynecologists. Sounds like an oxymoron … ...


In Some States, Access to Abortion Care Is Expanding

Last week, Girls actor Jemima Kirke shared her story of getting an … ...

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Dove’s Real Beauty Isn’t

Dove released its latest video last Thursday in their now-decade-old … ...

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Why You MUST See Mad Max This Weekend

A version of this article originally appeared on Skirt Collective Much … ...


10 Best Feminist Comedies on Netflix

When it comes to comedic films in theaters and online, it's pretty slim … ...


ACLU Goes After Hollywood’s Gender Gap

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking Hollywood to task for the … ...

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Deflategate v. Domestic Violence: The NFL Fumbles (Again!)

On Tuesday, in the wake of National Football League mega scandal … ...


The Subversive Potential of Harriet Tubman on the $20

The $20 bill is ubiquitous in U.S. currency. It's what ATMs usually spit … ...


Warrior Women: Breaking New Ground on the Battlefield

This Memorial Day, as we honor the United States servicemen and … ...

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