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Women Who Know Their Place: Meet the New Feminists in the Senate

Meet the feminist challengers who won in November—and are taking their fights to the Senate starting today.

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No Time Limit on Equality: Tell Congress to Ratify the ERA!

Send your Representative and Senators an email today urging them to put women in the U.S. Constitution.

a woman holds a sign that reads I AM WORKING AMERICA

Marching On for Working Moms

What talent are we losing in our country’s business, security or political leadership by forcing young women to make impossible choices between work and family?

actors in a still from the film EGG

EGG: A Provocation

I wasn’t sure I didn’t want children or marriage. I was terrified of both prospects, but I wanted to explore that path for myself. So I began to write EGG.

Keeping Score: 73 Percent of Voters Don’t Want Roe v. Wade Overturned

New polling finds a whole lot of support for abortion rights, the woman who made NFL history and other feminist news and numbers from the week.

Supporting Survivors Must Matter—Even During a Government Shutdown

The recent expiration of VAWA, set against the backdrop of the partial government shutdown, makes it clear that we are not done moving forward—and that we must continue to fight to protect and advance the gains for survivors that we’ve won since the landmark legislation passed.

Janes Demand Action

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts entered 2019 as optimistic as ever about the movement tog end gun violence—and with good, feminist reason.

Drawing the (Picket) Line: Inside the Fight for Public Education Funding in Los Angeles

“I miss my kids,” Samantha Barnea, a third grade teacher at Noble Avenue Elementary in North Hills, California, told Ms., “but I’m doing this for them.”

The Inherent Sexism of Inanimate Objects

Yes, I came out stronger after my stroke. Yes, I learned who my true friends are. I also learned about the inherent sexism of wheelchair design.

a young girl holds a megaphone at a protest

Speaking Up for Survivors in K-12 Schools

As the parent of a high school sexual assault survivor, I’ve seen how pervasive sexual harassment and assault in our K-12 schools can shake entire communities. That’s why I’m sounding the alarm about the Trump administration’s attempt to roll back Title IX guidelines for sexual misconduct.

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Jamia Wilson. Jennifer's Lingua Franca sweater reads "your voice matters." Jamia's tote reads "give a damn."

Marching On for (Constitutional) Menstrual Equity

Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment goes beyond a matter of principle. It would also offer a host of legal remedies to gender-based disparities, including discrimination in the workplace and the injustices that face survivors in our rape culture—and it would be a major boon to the emerging movement for menstrual equity.

John Kasich’s Parting Gift to Women in Ohio Was This Abortion Ban

One week before Christmas, Ohio Governor John Kasich gave the women in his state a strange gift: He made the most common abortion procedure illegal, with exceptions only in cases where the woman’s health or life was at stake, and not for rape or incest.

a protestor at a women's march holds up a sign that reads: QUEER POWER, WOMEN POWER, BLACK POWER, MUSLIM POWER, IMMIGRANT POWER, HUMAN POWER, SAY NO TO FACISM.

Dred Feminist Rant: This is a Women’s March Call-In

The women’s movement is more complex and more diverse than ever before. We’ve shown what we can do at the polls—and now we must show our determination to defend democracy from those who want to destroy it for profit.

Meet the Student Activists Pushing Back on New Sexual Misconduct Policies at the University of Michigan

A new misconduct policy at University of Michigan requires survivors of sexual violence to be cross-examined by their alleged attackers—or face the dismissal of their complaint.

Love the Cover? Get the Poster!

We’re printing posters of our Special Inauguration Issue commemorative cover, featuring all of the feminists now serving in the House alongside Speaker Pelosi—and you can snag one today by becoming a Ms. sustaining member!

Protestors at the 2018 Women's March in Washington, D.C.

How to Get Your Message Across at the Women’s March

I’ve been backstage coaching women leaders since the Million Mom March in 2000. Whether you’re speaking to the crowd or marching right along with it this year, these three tips will help you keep your head in the game so your message rings clear.

Keeping Score: We’re 108 Years from Global Gender Parity

Glenn Close on following our dreams, a new study from the World Economic Forum and more feminist milestones from this week.

Saying #MeToo in the Push of a Button

“You never know knocking on one of those doors what’s going to be on the other side of that door. We witnessed it all. We saw it all.”

Justice Delayed: Waiting on Savanna’s Act and an End to Violence Against Native Women

In the midst of a partial government shutdown, retiring Republican representative Bob Goodlatte used one of his final days in office to block a law addressing a horrifying problem: the disturbingly high number of missing and murdered Native American women in the U.S.

Feminists in India Built a “Women’s Wall” to Fight Patriarchy

Women in India kicked off the new year with a call for equality, coming together to stand arm-in-arm as part of a historic protest.

Fighting for Black Women’s Equality After Election Day

Black women didn’t just get out and vote in November—we got out the vote, in communities across the country, and changed the face of Congress.

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