Shameless: Ms. Up for Awards!

During March, magazine award nomination season, we Ms. staffers are much like high school seniors awaiting word from colleges: We may look nonchalant, but we’re watching the mail like hawks. Two very exciting missives arrived today:

From the Maggie Awards, a Best Cover nomination for our Winter 2009 cover capturing the feminist mood of high expectations and hope as Obama was sworn in (left). And from Utne, a nod for their 2010 Independent Press Award for political coverage!

Utne‘s kind nomination note:

You have received the nod because your stories are fresh, your writing and editing exemplary, your visual execution pitch perfect, and, frankly, because we cannot wait for Ms. to show up on our shelves.

Aw shucks. We love you too, Utne!


  1. Yayyy!! Congratulations on the much-deserved recognition!!!

  2. Congrats!!! 🙂

  3. Lovely news indeed.

  4. “capturing the feminist mood of high expectations and hope as Obama was sworn in…” That cover was an embarrassment to feminists not wearing rose-colored glasses. When Obama signs that health insurance reform bill that will make it harder for poor women to get an abortion (as if the Hyde Amendment were not bad enough), will you still feel that mood of high expectations and hope was justified?

    Yes! More restrictions on abortion, a speechwriter who posts to the Internet a photo of himself groping a cutout of Hillary Clinton, Rick Warren giving the inaugural convocation, more troops committed to the quagmire in Afghanistan propping up the Bush puppet who does not give a damn about the rights of women, more drones killing innocent civilians in Pakistan, more giveaways to crooked corporations deemed too big to fail, more nuclear power plants, clean coal, pushing genetically engineered crops as a solution to world hunger, all this is the change any feminist worth her salt should believe in!

  5. @Aletha you think Obama is bad? Just think what would have happened if MCCAIN was in office…

  6. Erica, that is the kind of scare tactic Democrats have employed forever. It does not answer my point or excuse their perfidy. Being the lesser of two evils does not make Obama good for feminism, or the future of life on this planet.

  7. @Aletha, Obama has done the best he can to maintain power while bringing justice. He has brought more justice than evil.

  8. Congratulations on the nominations, Ms. magazine!

  9. Justice for whom, Shasta? The big banks? The insurance companies? The Democrats who are dead set against any federal funding for abortion? The private mercenary companies making a fortune destroying Iraq and Afghanistan? The nuclear power industry? King Coal? Where is the justice for the criminals in the previous Administration? Oh, that would cause too much trouble, and besides, Obama enjoys having all that executive power.

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