It’s Time for a Feminist Bieber

When you’ve taken over the world, it’s inevitable that journalists will start to ask you a few deeper questions. So goes the story of Justin Bieber, the popstar sensation who was recently outed by Rolling Stone as having anti-abortion views. Though his albums My World and My World 2.0 have been toppling the Billboard charts for the past two years, it appears that in Bieber’s world, a woman should not be allowed the choice to have control over her body—not even in cases of rape.

From the interview:

Bieber: I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s, like, killing a baby?

Rolling Stone: How about in cases of rape?

Bieber: Um. Well, I think that’s really sad, but everything happens for a reason. I don’t know how that would be a reason. I guess I haven’t been in that position, so I wouldn’t be able to judge that.

Though Bieber is still a kid himself, and who knows what kind of sex ed he’s received (though we thought abstinence-only hadn’t yet hit Canada), his words are of importance, if only because 7.3 million followers on Twitter ensure they penetrate every aspect of the interwebz by the time he’s spoken them. Who would’ve thought that his hit single “Baby” was actually a potential anti-abortion anthem for the next generation?

With that said, we’ve felt it was important to spotlight an important contributor to the feminist community. Enter @feministbieber.

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Photo created by Ms. interns Amanda Litman and Dahlia Grossman-Heinze.

Update: Quote now reflects Rolling Stone’s recent “editing error“.


  1. At this age he's likely chaneling his parents. I find it interesting that his statement about "It's, like, killing a baby?" ends with a question mark instead of period. Uh, baby Bieber boy, if you aren't certain enough to end it with a period, maybe you really shouldn't be talking about this. Oh, that and the fact that you're 12, a male, and completely unqualified.

    Yes, yes, yes, I know that 7.5 million people heard him say it, but I like to think that the majority of them aren't going to make their decision based on the words of a hairless, uninformed, privileged male child.

    But that's just me…

  2. mentalocity says:

    That's right, Biebs, you've never been in that position, so you WOULDN'T be able to judge that. So keep your mouth shut. Why are we asking this little dickweed what he thinks about abortion? Shouldn't he be wearing a purity ring or something?

  3. Of course–being male, able to conceive a child, but not having any say whether that child would/should/ought actually be BORN–sure he shouldn't have a say. But shouldn't the female involved be using birth control or something like that BEFORE the act rather than ABORTION after that fact.? Oh, I forgot, that's not the point, is it? Abortion up until the moment of birth is what it's all about, ain't it?

    • Pam Redela says:

      And shouldn't the males involved be using condoms if they don't want to conceive?? Careful, your male privilege is showing… Willing to bet you support abstinence only education too – the root of the whole problem!

    • Diana Cameron McQueen says:

      Yeah birthcontrol is up to BOTH people, and pro-choice people WANT to use birth control it's the prolifers who all want us to be ignorant of our bodies, not use condoms, and have more babies than we can care for.

      Maybe you should stop blaming women for things you can control yourself.

  4. of course, anti-abortion comments will not be welcomed here!

  5. What the f*ck is up with this? This sites not funny or even ironic. It's just stupid. Did Ms. Come under new direction recently? Everything they're putting out lately is really disappointing. You're turning into bitch magazine and it's awful.

    On a separate note, why should we give a flying hell what Justin Beiber thinks on abortion? He's completely entitled to his beliefs and it's very apparent that he doesn't have well defined views on the situation that we should be judging his personal views.

    • I like Bitch magazine and I imagine a lot of other people do as well.

      On this post, though. We should care what he says because of the millions of teenage girls that he has an influence over. If they hear him say something about abortion being bad, or something he doesn't believe in, then they may take that as the correct way to see the issue, which it is not.

    • Diana Cameron McQueen says:

      I fyou want to know why we should care, you should stop being such a troll and actually READ the article.
      By your comments I can see you're not really a reader, just an internet troll.

  6. And can I just point out to everyone-

    completely dismissing a males voice from the abortion debate is a d/ck move.

    Telling males their belief are irrelevant is a good way to push back the mvmt and live up to the feminist bitch stereotype that everyone loves to ignore. Perhaps a more beneficial response is simply "we understand your response (after all they do make up half of the breeding equation), but given the additional consequences for the female their opinion ways heavier on the situation."

    • Can I just point out that if we were "completely dismissing a males voice from the abortion debate" this article wouldn't exist.

    • Diana Cameron McQueen says:

      No one is doing that, and even if we did, the fact is that yes, men help in breeding, but the control is farther reaching than simply whether or not to have a baby.
      They are free to have an opinion, but if I was the one pregnant unless it was the father of the baby I could care less what other men, let alone other women, thought of my choices. They are my choices, and they should be. All women should be able to be educated and allowed rights over their own bodies.

      I think if you identify as female, Jenifer, you should probably trust that men will always have a say in reproductive rights, and maybe help out feminism instead of worrying about what men will think. Men who think feminists are all bitches are missing the point altogether.

    • silverstreak says:

      Since child bearing is NOT something any man can do, then they shouldn't even have an opinion on the subject. I get so tired of every man in the world thinking that ONLY his opinion matters and that no woman should be able to decide for herself anything at all. It's time to divorce ourselves from all men and only elect women to congress. The sooner we have a matriarchy, the better off the world will be.

      There is a Matriarch in Northwest China. Women own everything and control all the money. All the children live with the mother. There are NO husbands, no wives. There is no crime, no rape and no wars. I have been sick to death of living with crimes, rapes and wars. Men just don't get it.

  7. Waiting for the poster to comment on Rolling Stone retracting its quoting of Justin Bieber today, after the Bieber camp howled that he had been misquoted on the rape question. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Or just silence from Ms. Magazine because the yellow journalism factor is over?

    • Rolling Stone didn't retract its quoting of Justin Bieber–it simply revised it, which we addressed 5 hours ago. Thanks for reading.

    • Diana Cameron McQueen says:

      Yeah it wasn't retracted. They left out a line, and when added back it changed none of the content of the interview or answer. Way to pay attention and be insulting while exposing you're own ignorance.

  8. Bella Abzug says:

    What is going on with all of the anti-choicers commenting?? I think that as a person who holds an enormous influence over millions of young women all over the world, his anti-choice remarks are certainly to be noted in feminist reports. While we shouldn't care what the little brat says about it, it is still a fact that lot's of young women are going to be re-thinking their position that women have the right to make a choice as to the future of their bodies. It was a dick move of Rolling Stone to ask that to a kid in the first place, and even more dick for a kid who knows nothing about the subject to comment.

  9. Diana Cameron McQueen says:

    I was rather shocked that his representatives didn't tell Rolling Stone to cut it with the hot button topics. But in this day and age it's controversy that sells media, not talent or entertainment. This article made me never want to buy Bieber and never want to buy Rolling Stone.

  10. FairnessforALL says:

    It never ceases to astonish me that in a day and age when EVERY group is being accepted and NO group can be targeted without there being a huge backlash, why it is still ok to openly tout your misogynist views that every day put women's lives, and those who care for them, in danger. If any other group were treated this way, there would be an armed insurrection! I have said for a long time that sexism is not only the hallmark of an ignorant and repressive society, but that it is the most intransigent of the "ism's". What is so outrageous is that we are still having to point out that no one's opinion on abortion matters but the pregnant woman in question, as this is supposed to be a democracy where everyone can believe what they choose but no one can impose his or her wil or religious dogmal on another. Privacy rights and the suppression of women (and of course, greed) are what are behind the anti-choice rhetoric, something a mindless child like Bieber doesn't realize. Perhaps we should outlaw bangs, with no exceptions, for him to be able to grasp the real issues.

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