New Canadian Hundred Dollar Bill Depicts a Woman–U.S., Take Note!

One thing Canadians may notice upon receiving their fancy new PLASTIC hundred dollar bills this month (if they’re fortunate enough to carry around that kind of pocket change), is that the piece of government-issued paper currency bears the face of a woman. To many viewers, the image of a woman with a microscope may initially […]

How Gender Gets Stopped at the Border

Looking to go into the shoe importing business? Be prepared to pay more to get women’s shoes across the border. Or maybe you have an itch to sell cotton shirts? Be prepared to pony up more for the men’s variety. Unfair, you say? Take it up with whoever regulates tariffs. That’s actually quite tricky, as […]

Women Deliver 100: The List Revealed!

The list is out! Following our teaser last week for the release of the names of the top 100 individuals who most deliver for girls and women, Women Deliver has now unveiled them: This list recognizes women and men, both prominent and lesser known, who have committed themselves to improving the lives of girls and women […]

Who Are the 100 People Who Deliver the Most for Women?

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day this coming March 8, various outlets are compiling their lists of the top 100 women in the world. One organization that deserves particular attention in this endeavor is Women Deliver, a global maternal health NGO whose first annual “Women Deliver 100” list will feature 100 women […]

New Arizona Anti-Abortion Bill not Really About Race or Gender

Though we’re quickly approaching the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, the Republicans seem to be giving women less and less to be celebrating. After a month of delivering their anti-abortion agenda, which has included attempts to defund abortion providers and redefine rape, the Arizona House has offered another hurdle in the quest for reproductive […]

It’s Time for a Feminist Bieber

When you’ve taken over the world, it’s inevitable that journalists will start to ask you a few deeper questions. So goes the story of Justin Bieber, the popstar sensation who was recently outed by Rolling Stone as having anti-abortion views. Though his albums My World and My World 2.0 have been toppling the Billboard charts […]

Are You Joking, South Dakota?

The war on women rages on. In a move that has pro-choicers around the globe picking their collectively dropped jaws off the floor, the Republican-controlled South Dakota House of Representatives is set to vote on a bill (largely backed by anti-abortion representatives) that would legalize the killing of abortion providers. Mother Jones reported that the […]

Gendering Poetry for the Next Generation

Valentine’s. Whether you spend the corporate holiday canoodling with your significant other or ranting on Twitter about how you don’t need a holiday to tell you how to love, odds are pretty good that you’ll run across some poetry along the way. Now, poetry can range anywhere from Emily Dickinson to a Hallmark greeting to […]