Who Are the 100 People Who Deliver the Most for Women?

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day this coming March 8, various outlets are compiling their lists of the top 100 women in the world. One organization that deserves particular attention in this endeavor is Women Deliver, a global maternal health NGO whose first annual “Women Deliver 100” list will feature 100 women and men who deliver for women.

So what does it mean to be one of the most inspiring individuals in the world? What does it mean to deliver for women?

“2010 was widely viewed as the year women’s issues finally came to the fore in the international development sphere,“ says Women Deliver’s president Jill Sheffield. “This list recognizes those who successfully navigated the corridors of power to make that happen, as well as the ones working on the front lines to expand the rights and choices for girls and women where it matters most–the communities where they live and work every day.”

While obvious contenders would include politicians and activists who have had direct influence and impact on the world (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates seem to be locks), what about grassroots feminist activists who have helped advance the movement into the 21st century? Influential journalists, bloggers, tweeters? How about musicians, actors or other pop culture role models–will they make the list? It will certainly be no easy task to narrow the selection down to 100.

Answer in the comments: Which women and men would you include in the list?

Then check back here on March 2 when the list is released, and give us your take on this group of inspiring, world-changing individuals and what they’re doing to improve the world for women.


Kyle Bachan can dance all day. He's also a feminist from Toronto, Canada who enjoys travelling the world and meeting new people. He currently writes as a Senior Editor over at Gender Across Borders.