Senegal’s Feminist Hip-Hop Star

Sarabah, the stirring documentary directed by Maria Luisa Gambale and Gloria Bremer, will premier this Sunday, Jan. 15, on Link TVClick here for showtimes and channel information. Sarabah is available for purchase at Women Make Movies

Senegalese rapper Fatou Mandiang Diatta defied her country’s traditional expectations for women in order to succeed in Senegal’s male-dominated hip-hop scene. Now, using her music as a medium, “Sister Fa” campaigns against female genital mutilation, which she herself endured as a child. In this documentary of how she fights entrenched beliefs, she travels from Dakar to her home village, where she performs and teaches about the dangers of this centuries-old custom. The village women pledge to help end the practice, but the most promising moment comes onstage, as students are jamming with her band. A young boy calls to the crowd, “Who is ready to fight against excision? Raise your hand!”

Reprinted from the Fall 2011 issue of Ms. To have this issue delivered straight to your door, join the Ms. community.

Photo of Sister Fa courtesy of Women Make Movies,


  1. WOW that is inspirational! Hopefully someday the mind state of the world will evolve to individualism. No longer based on Race, Sex, Religion, Nation, Politics, or any form of group. Maybe one day we will all be respected for our achievements as individuals. Until then… Keep on fighting!


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